Strong as Iron with Andy McKenzie

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


Andy “IronMac” McKenzie is a total badass.

He’s ripped, he’s jacked, he’s athletic and strong as a mofo.

Andy is also a top international strength & conditioning coach with an impressive military background.

He’s trained numerous high level athletes and has competed at a high level many times, himself.

I sat down with Andy recently to have a great conversation that I think you guys will really enjoy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His background in the military & lessons learned [3:58]
  • His morning & nighttime routine [8:42]
  • His transition from military to civilian life [11:40]
  • The beginning of his career and challenges [13:49-18:36]
  • His advice on getting started in the fitness industry [18:47-22:47]
  • His training philosophy [25:16]
  • His training techniques for the elite athlete vs the average person [27:25-49:07]
  • The one thing you should do every day to improve shoulder health [31:39]
  • His unique training system [49:08]
  • How training changes after 40 [51:20]
  • How to activate your lats properly [1:04:01]
  • How to relieve tight hips and hamstrings [1:06:09]
  • How to maintain your diet and workouts while on the road [1:08:53]
  • How to gain size and strength using only bodyweight [1:11:09]
  • His favorite training books and sources for designing programs [1:16:02]
  • His workshops and it’s breakdown [1:18:10]
  • Best pre workout warm ups [1:18:50]

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