Is Alcohol Really Going To Ruin Your Gains?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

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Is Alcohol Really Going To Ruin Your Gains? by RSC Asst Coach Jack Penner

A fundamental aspect of the Renegade philosophy lies in enjoying life as much as possible. If this lifestyle of strength training and being jacked leads to a life full of workouts without any fun, you’ve wasted your time.

As Stephen King wrote, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” But many of you have a problem. Your dedication to the iron game leads to just that. All work and no play.

Hours spent in the gym or the kitchen, passing up chances to let loose and kick your heels up.


Because of fear.

  • Fear that festivities involving alcohol will sabotage your gains.

  • Fear that nights out on the town will leave you weak.

  • Fear that drinking will keep you from ever seeing those precious abs.

Nonsense. All of it. Just nonsense.

Now, I by no means advocate heavy drinking on a consistent basis.

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