Age is No Excuse

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I would like to start by thanking everyone for all the positive responses to the last post on using age as an excuse.

Here is just a small sample of what you guys had to say…

“Good rant; problem many have is that the medical /allied health community sets the bar way too low. Unless there are serious orthopedic issues or other serious medical issues then most people underestimate their physical capabilities. Our job is to enlighten them and show them the way. Many of those medical conditions are diseases of misuse/ disuse, anyway. Use it or lose it, baby.”
Bruce Kelly,M.S. CSCS,NSCA-CPT

“As they say in the Bronx…not for nothin’…but I was almost a pro baseball player ( Pirates’ minor league system 1967 ), was D-III ECAC offensive player of the year 1966, ran 6 marathons b4 I turned 35…and I believe that over the last 5 years I have been in the best shape of my life! Used to bench 350 lbs @age 22…now I can do 225 lbs 27 reps ( I don’t even care about 1rm’s any more…never did body fat measurements in my youth ( did anybody? )…but last year I had a body fat of 9%…and I even did pretty well 2yrs ago in avoiding being robbed by 2 young guys in a Citi Bank – I walked out…they did not…

Jason, as you may remember, I am 58 years old…and I am Sly’s biggest fan…you are so right that you are not limited my age so much as attitude and commitment…

Love to hear stories about people who refuse to be bound by stigma or pre-conceived notions of others…or my their own laziness.”
Jan Rovelli

“Great write up. I too have a client who uses age as a way of bailing out of goals he sets for himself. I do understand that as we age we must restructure our training a little, but for me who will turning 40 this year, I look forward to taking off my shirt and showing other 40 year old men that with smart training and nutrition and dedication you too can look like your 35 instead of your age.
Thanks for the motivation Jason.
Keep up the good work coach,
Richard Bell

“Jason, glad you brought this point up! I hear people say all the time “I’m old” or “I’m getting too old to do this!” We are only as old as we let ourselves become, strive to be your best at whatever age you are. It is my hope that more people will come to realize they are never “too old” to try to be their best.”
Aaron Pickens
South Carolina

“You probably won’t get to read this but i wanted to comment on your last email…
This email was incredible. I can’t agree with you more. I absolutely can’t stand the age / time excuse.
You can MAKE TIME and the body can BE TRAINED at any age.

Here is one to ad for you.. My grandfather ( Robert Shellenberger, of Columbia, Pennsylvania) was still WALKING ON HIS HANDS at 70 years of age. SEVENTY AND WALKING ON HIS HANDS. not just handstands, actual walking around on his hands. He turned 93 this past January and STILL rides his bike to breakfast 3 x a week.
Joe Defranco’s dad is another example; he’s probably still stronger at 60 than most 22 year old college seniors!!
Keep up the awesome work!!!”

“Fuck did I need to hear this today. I’m 36 and an ex JR/Semi-Pro hockey
player who has let the corporate life get the better of me, I’m soft.
Started training Jan 8 this year and have dropped BF by 6% and weight by
15lbs so far but was beginning to feel a bit sorry for myself cause I got my
ass kicked last game in my beer league… playing a group of younger guys…
maybe I am too old… I’ve lost too many steps to compete at this level…
boo fucking hoo… I’m out of shape and I deserved what I got. I’m more
motivated than ever to come back next year and take these young shits to
school… in shape they can’t hold my jock.

Thanks for the kick in the ass.”

“I’m no Superman but at 54 I still play squash, play baseball (not softball!), run in Masters track meets, and can ski any black diamond ski slope in New England. Certainly the fact that I’ve been active my entire life plays a huge role in that. Obviously, I’ve been working out pretty hard for all of these years to maintain my ability to do these things.
Keep up the good work.”