34 Awesome Ray Lewis Quotes

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

“Every day of my life, I’m trying to find a different way to get better.”

“Nobody’s as serious about health and fitness as me, and staying fit is my top priority.”

“What makes you grind?  You have to always be chasing something.”

“In any war, you put your back to mine, I put my back to yours, and let’s do what we gotta do.”

“You’ve got to go out and show them that I’m a different creature now, then I was five minutes ago, cause I’m pissed off for greatness. Cause if you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that just means you’re okay with being mediocre.”

“My pain is my badge of honor.”

“The greatest opportunity in the world is found here today… We already know what yesterday has got for us. It’s already gone. Tomorrow, too far away. What about right now!”

“I prepare so no one can take what is mine, no one can replace my mind, my heart.”

“You take five fingers. Individually, I can pin any one of them, but if I pin them together (makes a fist), it’s damn near impossible to turn this around.”

“You have to get back to being kids again.  You can’t never get tired.  I have something burning inside me.  I am a kid all over again.”

“The day you think you can beat me, show me.  Then move on to the next challenge.”

“All I know is grind.”

“In any war who pulls their general out? No one.”

“I figured something out.  And it is no secret what I figured out.  Whatever the majority of people were doing, I found myself doing the opposite.  I wanted to chase something great.”

“To be the best and stay there, sweat is necessary.”

“If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today?”

“I ride my bicycle all the time. There’s one thing about my bicycle. I’m riding, I’m riding, I’m riding. And no matter how tired I start to get, it’s never about this pedal I’m pedaling, it’s about the next pedal, and if you can get to that next one, your bike will keep moving.”

“When something goes wrong, smile, cause there’s always a next play.”

“Don’t waste talent.  No matter what you do, don’t waste talent.”

“The hardest thing to do is work hard when no one is watching.”

“Walter (Payton) and Jerry (Rice) had their hills, never being comfortable, with just good enough.”

“Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you.”

“You gotta be hungry for it.  You’ve got to put everything you got on it.  EVERYTHING!  Every second.  You have to be the first one in line.  That’s how leaders are born.”

“I’m older, of course I’m older, that’s the beauty of it. Sixteen years plus. Different level of wisdom, different level of understanding, different level of punishment. I want to live loooong after my records have fallen, long after my rings have tarnished.”

“Do whatever you got to do to make sure you chase your legacy every second of your life.”

“We get one opportunity in life, one chance at life to do whatever you’re going to do, and lay your foundation and make whatever mark you’re going to make. Whatever legacy you’re going to leave; leave your legacy!”

“The only way to defeat pain is to recognize pain exists.”

“What’s the difference between you and the man sitting beside you?  It’s 1%.  In my business, only 1% makes it. If everyone had the same dream, only 1 will make it from this crowd.  Who will be that one?”

“Before I lead any other man into anything I’m willing to take the hard falls myself but also come back and share the pains that came from it.”

“Will you be remembered, how would you be remembered, why wouldn’t you fight for the greatest achievement ever?”

“Success is one thing, impact is another”

“Don’t let your alarm clock, be the only reason you wake up.”

And finally, from the press conference after his comeback game last week…

“I called Ozzie two days after I got hurt and said, ‘Don’t put me on IR.’ He was like, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘Trust me, I will be back.’”

“Everything I did to get back, if it wasn’t for my team, it was for my city. That’s the one thing that I bought into from day one. I’m not just here in this city to play football. I’m here to actually create real change in this city. If my effort can give you hope, faith or love, then so be it. I’ll give everything I have, and today was about me giving everything that I had, showing people that no matter the circumstances you may be going through, just push through it. If you can push through it, you will encourage somebody. Today, hopefully, through what I did, somebody was uplifted.”

If you don’t have the NFL Network and haven’t seen A Football Life on Ray I’d highly recommend checking it out. Here’s the full video below.