What is the #1 Training Split For Busy Guys?

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Podcast

busy guy workoutA lot of you ask how to get jacked, despite a crazy schedule.

You feel you don’t have time to go train, and I understand why. Most workouts are an hour long. Add in a warm-up before, a shower after, and you’re looking at two and a half hours!

That’s an insane amount of time. Especially for the high-powered guy who has to take care of his job, be there for his family, and enjoy life. 

But training doesn’t have to be this unrealistic, overwhelming commitment. In fact, its counter productive to getting results.

My busiest clients have always gotten the fittest, strongest, and most jacked. Why? Because they didn’t have the time to do the typical programs that cause:

  • Aching joints
  • Wrecked adrenals
  • Tanked testosterone levels
  • And zero results.

They got in, got out, and went on to dominate the rest of their day. They made a habit of training and staying in shape. No marathon workouts. No smelling salts. 

They knew that if they fried themselves in the gym, the rest of their life would suffer, so they trained smart. They followed the 85% rule for Maximum Gains.

They just put in consistent work. Every damn day. 

And what happened? Over time, the volume added up. Years of discipline and consistency got them insane results.

Even if you aren’t unbelievably busy, this is the best way to train. It forces you to leave enough gas in the tank so you can make real progress.

If you want to know more, tune into this episode. I discuss the details of this training style and how to make it work for all kinds of schedules. 

Today’s Topics Include:

  • How to schedule your workouts if you travel a lot.
  • Who really needs probiotics, and nutrition tips for optimizing your digestion.
  • Training principles for highly active guys over 30. Plus, a sample workout.
  • Finding your life’s purpose.
  • The brand new program from Renegade HQ.

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