Top 15 Ice Cube Training Songs

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Motivation

icecube-drinkthecoolaidGuest Post by Renegade Inner Circle Coach, Keith Scott

Ice Cube has always been one of my favorite rappers of all time. I have never made a Hip Hop training mix that does not include a plethora of Ice Cube tracks.

One of the best lyricists of all time, Cube brings anger, aggression, and intensity in almost all of his songs. These are a few of the ingredients that every training session needs.

So, here are my top 15 Ice Cube training songs.
15. Pushin’ Weight – (War & Peace Vol. 1) – Great Cube song to get you going. Big in the clubs, but I love training to it too. Gets you up quick.

14. Now I gotta wet cha – (The Predator ) – Steady beats, and Cube still goes hard in this one. Another great one to get you going.

13. Go to Church – (Laugh now, Cry Later ) – Collaboration with Snoop. One of Cube’s newer songs, but steady flow and hits hard too.

12. We Be Clubbin’ – (Greatest Hits) – This is another Club song, but I always have this on my training mix when I mix in Cube.

11. Trespass – (Trespass Soundtrack) – Cube and Ice-T team up on this one. Not many people know this one from Cube, but it’s a staple if you are a real Ice Cube fan. Intense and great to train to.

10. No Vaseline – (Death Certificate) – This is vintage Cube. Angry, aggressive and out for blood.

9. Nigga you love to hate – (Americkkka’s Most Wanted) – “Once again its on, the mother fucking psycho” Steady flow, hard and angry. Cube brings it the whole time.

8. Ghetto Vet – (War & Peace Vol. 1) – Building intensity on this one. Give it time. Slow, steady flow, but gets your head into the “game”

7. Do Ya Thang – (Raw Footage) Newer Ice Cube. A lot of people haven’t heard a lot of Cube’s newer music. I love this one. Reminds me of vintage Cube.

6. Hood Mentality –( Raw Footage ) – Great training song, but can’t help but to get caught up in the lyrics on this one. This is becoming one of my favorite Cube songs.

5. Amerikkkas Most Wanted – (Americkkka’s Most Wanted) – This reminds me of his NWA days. Hard, raw, and intense.

4. Endangered Species – (Americkkka’s Most Wanted)- This one comes at you hard. The intensity builds from beginning to end. Should be a staple on your old school training mix. Plus, the great Chuck D is in this one too, which adds to its greatness.

3. Natural Born Killaz – (Murder Was the Case soundtrack)- One of my favorite training songs ever! Cube teams up with Dr. Dre. It’s a classic and on almost every one of my training mixes. Vintage Dre and Cube. Turn this one up!

2. Wicked – (The Predator) – One of Cube’s most hard hitting, intense songs and one of the best to train to, especially when you need to huge boost or ready to hit a PR. This is a staple on almost any hip hop training mix.

1. When Will They Shoot? (The Predator) – Other than “Wicked” this is my favorite Cube song to train to when I really need to get up. This was never one of his most famous tracks, but IMO, one of his best! I have hit many PRs to this song. Play this loud and get ready to destroy it in the gym.

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