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What Scares The Sh*t Out Of Me

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ScareOn the latest episode of The Jay Ferruggia, my buddy Kenny Johnson and I sat down to answer your questions. As much as I love having guests on the show, I must admit that helping you guys directly is my favorite part. As long as you keep having questions I will keep answering them. If I don’t get to your question the first time around I will do my best to get to it in future episodes.

Unless proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization is missing from your email. I can’t get down with that.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • Why “Who is Paul McCartney” was trending on Google
  • The Iggy Azalia controversy
  • A poor diet decision by LeBron James
  • Why vodka is my preferred drink of choice
  • How to train others without your own gym
  • What scares the shit out me
  • How to find the balance between sport skill training and strength training
  • Should you supplement with DHEA?
  • My favorite NWA song
  • How to create good habits and stick with them
  • Update on fixing my metabolism
  • My pro wrestling entrance song
  • Does Crossfit have staying power?
  • The goat based whey protein I use
  • Should guys over forty use the big three lifts?
  • How to clean bad gut bacteria
  • Does protein & carb timing actually matter?
  • Best practices for writing your first eBook

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