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Renegade Success Story: Greg Hudson

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Motivation

MGS.BefnAfts2013GregHudsonGuest Post by Greg Hudson.

I’ve been following The Renegade Diet for 6 weeks now. I’ve been training for around 8 years and the gains have been steady and minimal. My diet has obviously been the limiting factor. I lost 6kg of fat in 6 weeks (I’m sure body fat % has dropped and lean muscle mass increased but I wasn’t measuring it), but have had some great muscle/strength gains it would seem as well as fat loss.

I’ve gone from 76.5kg to 70.5kg in 6 weeks. I went from doing 20kg weighted dips and chin-ups to doing 40kg on both in just 4 weeks. My bench is up to 260lbs from 230lbs 1RM, deadlift went from 4 reps at 120kg and is now at 150kg. I even got sick and had the first week off and bounced back with 3 solid weeks’ training (6 days a week). I’m doing 3 x strength training gym sessions,
2x Muay Thai boxing sessions (incl conditioning rounds), 1x sprint session (8x 70m sprints) and hitting the downhill bike for some epic top to bottoms when I can.

The diet works great and is easy once you realize the benefits. Cheers for the guidance, keep telling and selling the common sense approach to life. By the way I’m not taking any performance enhancing drugs and the only supplement I use is fish oil.

Thanks for your help Jay.

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