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Renegade Success Story: Addison Marshall

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Motivation

RenegadeFeaturesSUCCESSGuest post by Renegade Inner Circle Member, Addison Marshall

When I was playing Spring football my freshmen year I started having very bad rib pain.

After a few tests, I learned that my ribs had cracked from a spleen that had been enflamed with Leukemia cells.

Finding out I had cancer was the worst news of my life.

The first 6 months were hell and my body was showing it.  I had lost about 30 pounds and most of my muscle.  I just ate shit all day and was always to tired to workout.  I eventually gained weight back but it was all at.

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to change my life.

I started doing some research to find workouts and what kind of things I should eat.  Its amazing how much better I felt once I started working out it seemed like the chemo didn’t even affect me anymore.  Then 9 months into this new regime and feeling and looking better than ever I learned that my cancer had returned in my brain and spine.

I took a day to gather my thoughts and knew that I would continue my training and diet.  I started becoming a role model to other patients often hearing things like I want to be like you or I want big arms like you.

I push myself for those that can’t and I have first hand tried to be as active with the kids as I can be.  I even played dodgeball with them while I was hooked up to an IV.

One of the greatest things was when I saw a kid say he wanted some grilled chicken and broccoli instead of that cheeseburger because he would be like me.  I have trained hard through chemo for 3 years and it finally paid off.  I finally made a return to football for my senior football season.

I even earned the Inspireum award.  This is a national award that goes to one player for the most inspiring come back story, and hardships through football.  Training and diet have turned my life around and I am so glad that I started it!

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