MMA Legend, Frank Shamrock on Overcoming Struggles, Living With Passion, & Achieving Excellence

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FshamrockOn the latest episode of Renegade Radio we’ve got a man who revolutionized the sport of mixed martial arts, “The Legend,” Frank Shamrock. During his prime Frank was considered the greatest fighter in the world and had quite an impressive run.

Frank’s early life was filled with violence, poverty and trouble. He became a ward of the state of California by age 12 and a prison inmate by age 18.

As soon as he got out of prison he started fighting, and went on to become one of the best ever.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • Some of the biggest struggles he had to overcome early on
  • How he ended up in the system for so many years
  • Being adopted by Bob Shamrock
  • Learning to fight for the first time
  • How he keeps his demons in check today
  • What he does regularly to keep his head straight
  • His intense form of “meditation”
  • His unusual form of back rehab
  • Why breathing properly is so important
  • If he could go back what weaknesses in his fight game would he want to improve upon
  • How he trains now
  • A typical day of eating that keeps Frank ripped at age 41
  • How someone can achieve human excellence
  • The Shamrock Values and The Shamrock Way
  • The charity work he does and causes he supports
  • Why it’s so important to live with passion
  • How he runs multiple successful businesses
  • His efforts in brand building and launching products
  • Some of his most highly recommended books for those wanting to improve their lives
  • His current relationship with his brother, Ken
  • His efforts to save the planet
  • His favorite music
  • His brand new TV show and what to expect from that
  • How he would like to be remembered by fight fans
  • How he would like to be remembered by family and friends

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Notes From The Show

Frank’s top book recommendations:

Swan Song by Robert R McCammon

The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

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