The Over 40 Guy’s Guide to Getting Ripped (And My Biggest Pet Peeves)

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Podcast


Somehow, the purpose of lifting weights has gotten lost in today’s training culture.

For one reason or another, complexity has replaced simplicity. And it’s not helping any of you get in the best shape of your life.

Before information overload confused us all, people did it right. Guys went to the gym to lift weights and get strong. Then, they played some sports or did some conditioning the other days to stay lean.

They didn’t blend conditioning into their lifting, or run sprints between sets.

They understood the single most important factor for getting jacked:

Building strength. 

Whether you’re 15, 23, or 45 years old, the same rule applies. A stronger guy will be a more jacked guy. Now, that said, a 15 or 23 year old guy can get away with things the 45 year old can’t. While I wish we could all be invincible forever, age will take its’ toll.

That doesn’t mean the game changes, though. You just gotta work around the reality of being a little older. To keep making progress, a 45 year old guy needs to only make some slight modifications to his workouts. Not some 180 degree change.

You still get stronger. You just do it in a more effective way.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear me further discuss those modifications.

I go into more detail on what you need to train hard and build muscle well into your 40s and beyond.

I also throw it back with some stories about my single days in NYC, my biggest pet peeves, and how I prioritize my life to let me bring my best every day.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:28: Thank you for all the great listener feedback
  • 1:03: Huge shout out to Sy Wigall for sending me an awesome book
  • 1:42: Important follow up to last week’s question on elbow pain
  • 2:55: How a 40+ year old guy can lose those last 10lbs of body fat
  • 7:30: Is low rep strength training the best way to get strong?
  • 13:54: How to be a ladies man and get more ass than a toilet seat
  • 19:54: Prioritizing your life to bring out your best self
  • 27:38: “Jay, what the hell am I supposed to eat with all the contradictory information out there?”
  • 34:53: How to increase your performance and minimize injury
  • 42:02: My biggest pet peeves
  • 45:16: Sports specific conditioning tips
  • 48:32: Should you take a full break from training
  • 50:11: How to get started with bodyweight training

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Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance: One of the “Must Read” books for any fitness professional or training enthusiast by the world renowned Stuart McGill

Bodyweight Bodybuilding: The Ultimate 90 Day Bodyweight Training program for strength gains and body transformation.

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