Joe DeFranco on Training, Business, Family, Partying and His Personal Growth

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Lifestyle, Success

RenRadioPromo2014DEFRANCOIf you are a trainer, strength coach or a gym owner, you want to listen to Joe DeFranco. Not only is he a fitness icon and successful gym owner, he just happens to share my passion for sporting the chrome dome.

Joe is the co-founder of the CPPS coaching certification and has recently teamed up with Lionsgate Films to produce a series of DVD’s on strength and conditioning.

My buddy Jay Jablonski joined us for what became an instant Renegade Radio classic.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • The hidden meaning behind every Journey song
  • Joe’s favorite supplements
  • His thoughts on Crossfit
  • Going out at the Jersey shore and gettin’ nuts
  • So Cal Brownies
  • Thoughts on using medical marijuana for pain management
  • How Joe got through his crippling back pain
  • An important lesson for every single trainer
  • How Jay & Joe met back in ’97
  • The highlight of Joe’s career
  • Why Triple H & Stephanie McMahon are so successful
  • Joe’s friendship with Triple H and Steph
  • The business advice they shared with him
  • Talking old school strength training with Vince McMahon
  • Partnering with Smitty for online training and developing the CPPS Certification
  • Partnering with Lionsgate Film
  • Joe’s favorite NFL athletes
  • Is Smitty the nicest guy in the world?
  • His secret plot to take out Smitty
  • The irony of haters
  • Grooming advice for Donald Sterling
  • Jay’s odd bathroom habit
  • Manpons
  • The #1 thing Joe wishes he learned sooner in business
  • Where he sees himself in the future
  • His new passion

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Notes From The Show

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