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How to Take Charge of Your Training & Your Life

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Motivation

Stop worrying about shit.

It’s as simple as that.

And doing so can dramatically change your life.

Never worry about that which you cannot control.

To spend time thinking “what if,” or stressing about things that potentially may go wrong is a total waste of your time here on this planet.

If something is beyond your control there’s no use even thinking about it. Focus only on what you can control and don’t waste time worrying about anything else.

“What if my boss yells at me for trying this new approach?”

“What if this marketing campaign fails?”

“What if I decide to start my own business but I can’t cut it?”

“What if I get cut from the team?”

“What if we lose some of our current clients to the new business down the road?”

“What if I don’t have the genetics to get bigger and stronger?”

“What if a plane crashes into my house today?”

“What if I get a flat tire on the way to work?”

Fuck it! All of it. Don’t worry.

Just focus on moving onward and upward, without stressing yourself out about all the possible negatives that could come from any risk you take.

Every day has the potential for catastrophic disaster, but that doesn’t mean you should sit around focusing on it and waiting in fear.

Derek Jeter could take a wrong turn and end up at the Bronx Zoo instead of Yankee Stadium and get eaten by a tiger before the next game.

As ridiculous as that sounds it’s really no different than half the bullshit people waste their time worrying about.

Do you think that any truly successful people- those you watch on TV, read about in magazines or listen to on the radio sit around obsessing over those types of negative thoughts?

The Real “Hardgainer” Problem

Unsuccessful people and chronically skinny-fat “hardgainers” have one thing in common- they stress out and worry about EVERYTHING.

I’ve worked with thousands of these guys over the past 18 years and I can honestly say that the biggest thing holding them back is their never ending worrying and constant over-analyzing.

“Shit, I tried higher protein for two days and it didn’t work. Maybe I should do high carbs.”

“I increased my volume but now I’m sore. I’m overtrained. Back to Heavy Duty.”

“My biceps don’t cross my elbow joint like Larry Scott’s did; is it even worth me training?”

“I hit failure on my squats today, should I go back tonight and redo the whole workout?”

“The hill I ran sprints on was only about a 30 degree incline, but I could have sworn I read that 45 degrees was better. Was that a waste of my time?”

“I lost five pounds of fat but now I look tiny. What should I do?! HELP ME!!!!!”

Obviously, guys like this will never get anywhere. Their lives will be miserable and their gains in the gym will be piss poor.

That’s because they second-guess every single aspect of their diet and training.

When you do that you’re destined to fail. You have to have confidence and believe in what you are doing or you’re doomed from the get go.

When you start a new business or walk on to a team to tryout you have to have the confidence (and almost brash cockiness) to know that you will succeed. Seeds of doubt will squash your dreams instantly. You’ll never have a chance.

If you have constant doubts about your training and nutrition program the same thing will happen.

You will never make progress.


What Would Arnold Do?

Do you think Arnold or Ed Coan or Walter Payton or Michael Jordan lived with constant worrying and doubt?

Of course not.

They went to the gym or field every day and worked their asses off with complete confidence that they were doing exactly what it took to be the best. They weren’t switching up their workouts or their shooting or running style each week.

“Well so and so said I should shoot like this and Phil Jackson said I should shoot like that. I wonder who’s right? I don’t even know how to shoot anymore. Maybe I should retire.”

Do you see how ridiculous that is?

Did you ever see Arnold worry in Pumping Iron? He had absolutely no doubt that he was going to win and he did. And he continued doing so throughout the rest of his life.

Anyone who hears about Arnold’s career and wants to claim steroids or bring up any recent scandals doesn’t truly get the success mindset and will never achieve anything in life or in the gym.

To be jealous of someone else’s hard work and success is the loser mindset and sets you up for a lifetime of failures, one after the other.

Don’t worry about it! Focus on you and what you can control. 

When you develop the ability to worry less you can actually start to enjoy your training and your life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people let their training become a source of stress rather than a source of stress relief.

When you constantly worry your stress and cortisol levels go up. That makes you fatter, smaller and weaker… Just what you were worrying about happening.

You have to choose a proven path, believe in what you’re doing and enjoy the process.

Think Like Magic

Learning to worry less is a skill. And like any skill you want to master it must be practiced regularly so that it becomes habitual.

This is no different than learning to play the piano, hit a baseball or perform a snatch.

Reading books like “F*ck It” and anything by Leo Babauta can help.

Surround yourself with people who have already mastered this skill. Those who never seem to worry about anything. Those who are always moving forward in a positive direction, never worrying about any possible negative outcome.

I’m talking about guys like Donald Trump and Magic Johnson who seem physically incapable of worrying or hearing negativity of any kind.

Remember when Magic said, “Because of the HIV virus I have attained I will have to retire from the Lakers today?”

That was a reflection of how his brain works.

Two synonyms for attained are “accomplished” and “achieved.”

Think about it.

That’s the way all of us should think.

Myself included.

Put a positive spin on everything and stop worrying about shit you can’t control.

Do this every day and eventually it will improve just like any other skill you constantly practice.

And when it does you will have more muscle, less fat and be far happier and more successful than you ever thought possible.


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