You’re Lost?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Friday night Jen and I finally finished watching the TV show, Lost.

Man, did that ending suck.

I’d heard about it for years from everyone. They were even still joking about it on the Oscars a couple months back.

I said to Jen, “we put in all that time for that?!”

I was so disappointed. All that for nothing.

Which is exactly how people feel after finishing many of the popular training programs out there today.

They hop around their living room for 90 days doing “extreme” workouts. They thought they’d lose fat. Instead, they just wreck their joints.

Anyone who tells you that you only need one or two pairs of dumbbells to get results is lying to you.

Progressive overload is the single most important principle of training.

That means you have to add resistance or you get nothing out of your workouts.

You need to increase the weight or do more reps. But the latter only works up to a point.

Once you can do more than 12 reps on most upper body exercises you’re not getting anywhere. The exercise might improve your endurance but it won’t build size or strength. Nor will it burn more fat.

On the lower body, you can push it as high as 20 reps. But the goal is always to do more.

Now, telling you that is all well and good.

You can take that info and try to add resistance whenever possible.

The problem is most programs don’t allow for that to happen. They overtrain you. Or they irritate your joints. Or the daily or weekly sequencing of workouts isn’t scientifically sound.

So you’re still lost.

I can lead you home. Like I’ve done with hundreds of thousands of others over the last 20+ years.

It’s time to go:

Jay Ferruggia