What is True Physical Fitness?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I’m taking off for my birthday today and have handed the keys over to my buddy, and someone I admire and respect greatly,  Jon Hinds of Monkey Bar Gym.


What does it mean to be truly physically fit? Feeling physically fit is definitely different for each individual. Some people feel physical fitness is the ability to bench press 300 lbs, other people say it’s making it through a full hour aerobics class, or completing a 5k run. To me, true physical fitness is the ability to do all of these things and more, at any time. It’s the ability to instantaneously run and jump, push and pull, climb, catch, and react. You are truly physically fit when you are connected to your body in such a way that you can do anything you want to do.

My whole life I’ve heard thousands of views about what it means to be physically fit, and most people believe that the a fit body is represented by today’s bodybuilders. We are too caught up in the idea of fashion over function. Bodybuilders are big, muscular, lean, tan, and just look strong, and they have done lots of hard work to construct their bodies in this way. However, bodybuilders have bodies that don’t allow them to do much of anything efficiently except lift weights and further sculpt their bodies. Bodybuilders have put themselves in an environment where functionality is not as important as plain old looks. True physical fitness will allow you to do anything you want or need to do.

Take a look at animals and how they’re perfectly suited to their environment in the wild. They can run, jump, climb, push and pull with unmatched efficiency. There was a time when we were active like that too – when we were kids. We were outdoors doing what felt was natural and fun. We just liked playing. Sweating and being out of breath used to be fun. Later we became adults and somewhere we forgot what made us healthy in the first place. No more playground games, now it’s just a computer and a desk. We no longer run, we jog. We don’t climb anything but the occasional staircase. And the only thing we push and pull are deadlines in the office. It’s sad, really sad. We have forgotten how to use our bodies. Maybe it’s time we open up the owner’s manual and regain these things we’ve lost. Most importantly, let’s make it fun again!

– Jon Hinds CSCS, CPT, CNT

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