My Massive Eating Ability & the Need for Renegade Cardio

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Man, I’ve really been on some grubbin’ streak lately.

It seems like every time I turn around over the last two weeks another one of my friends is in town wanting to meet up for dinner at one of LA’s finest restaurants.

While my wife is a five star chef and makes incredible meals each night it’s always nice to get out amongst the people, give the local females a thrill and order half the items on the menu.

Or in the case of a recent brunch at Post in Manhattan Beach with my long time buddy, Mike Schwalb- everything on the menu, and four things twice.

Last night I had a long overdue dinner with Chad Waterbury and we annihilated copious amounts of rice and fish at Sushi Roku. But of course, Boa was across the street and we got to talking about how amazing their burger and cheesecake are so we had to make a stop in for more.

When you develop a reputation as someone who can eat more than most families of four, people like to see that ability put on display quite often. I’ve gotten better at keeping my special skill set under wraps for special occasions and don’t break it out quite as often. But when people fly to LA I feel a certain obligation to throw down some epic feedings.

It’s part of who I am.

Unfortunately that has led me to where I am right now…

Feeling terrible.

“Cardio” That Works

I can’t wait to hit the gym today. And in addition to my regular workout this entire week’s gonna require a few finishers to get me back on track.

I see a lot of sled pushing in my immediate future. Definitely not traditional cardio, though.

I know you know this already but it bears repeating…

Most traditional cardio sucks.

It does very little for fat loss but is pretty effective at causing you to lose muscle and get weaker.

Of course, I’m talking about regular ole medium intensity steady state cardio that you see every pud knocker at the gym doing. That’s garbage.

Low intensity, steady state cardio, on the other hand, is fine. I recommend it, even. Get up every morning and go for a brisk walk. That’s healthy and has no negative impact.

If your goal is to gain size any type of low to moderate intensity cardio shouldn’t be done post workout. At that time you only want to do some type of high intensity cardio or conditioning that you can hit hard for 5-10 minutes then go chow down and start growing.

When you start jogging long distances at a decent pace or pounding away on the stairclimber, no matter what time of day,  you run into problems. That’s the kind of stuff that causes overuse injuries and makes you smaller and weaker.

But you know that already. 

That’s why you go out and do hill sprints one or two times per week like every hard training Renegade does.

Unfortunately the cold weather is setting in and that will become increasingly more difficult over the next few months.

Don’t worry, though…

I’ve got you covered with the brand new Renegade Cardio.

It’s jam-packed with 52 Fast Fat Blasting Finishers that all take 10 minutes or less and can be done at the end of your regular workouts.

I’m talking about stuff like:

•    Bodyweight circuits
•    Kettlebell Killers
•    Bike Circuits
•    Battling Ropes
•    Jump Ropes
•    Barbell Complexes
•    Pyramids
•    Deck of Cards Workouts
•    And more…

You get 52 fat blasting finishers plus 10 bonus strongman and hill sprint workouts…

You get an entire year worth of workouts all for less than ten bucks.

While Renegade Cardio is an awesome resource for any hard training fitness enthusiast it’s a MUST HAVE resource for all trainers and bootcamp instructors, as it will give you endless options to use with your clients.

The 50% off sale ends Friday so grab your copy today by clicking HERE.