More For Your Eardrums

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

What is it about the owners of public gyms that makes them think that people want to listen to… TECHNO when they train? How does techno equal training music? I don’t get it. Am I the only who is bewildered by this phenomenon? Who gets fired up to lift heavy weights to this crap? Isn’t this what guidos in wife beaters pump their fists to in clubs at 4am? Or did that fad die in the 90’s? I don’t know, but I do that Eminem was right when he said (in Without Me) “Nobody listen to techno!”

So public gym owners everywhere, I beg you, please stop.

With that being said, here is a list of top 25 songs to train to. It was nearly impossible to narrow it down to less than 50 and I will probably be constantly changing my mind about the list but this is what I have right now. Hopefully you will find a few songs on there that you don’t have and can add to your training mixes.

1. Raining Blood- Slayer (Still number one in my book)
2. Loyalty- D12 featuring Eminem & Obie Trice (this song played at least 5 times per day in my gym for about two years straight)
3. The Fight Song- Marilyn Manson
4. Irresponsible Hate Anthem- Marilyn Manson (Lots of anger and screaming)
5. Lost at Birth- Public Enemy (A rare and unknown PE song that kicks ass)
6. Killing In The Name Of- Rage Against The Machine (RATM)(“Fuck you I won’t do what you tell,” me still gets me fired up)
7. Straight Outta Compton- NWA
8. 100 Miles & Running- NWA
9. Angel Below- Underoath
10. Sleep Now in the Fire- RATM
11. Bring Tha Noize (Remix)- Public Enemy & Anthrax
12. F*ck Your Enemy- Superjoint Ritual
13. Blood- Pearl Jam
14. The N**** You Love To Hate- Ice Cube
15. The Better of Two Evils- Marilyn Manson
16. Welcome to the Terrordome- Public Enemy
17. Vietnow- RATM
18. Rabbit Run- Eminem
19. Remember The Name- Fort Minor
20. Bleed It Out- Linkin Park
21. The Beautiful People- Marilyn Manson
22. Make a Move- DMX (Chuck Liddells entrance song. If it’s good enough for Chuck, it’s good enough for me)
23. The Source- Eminem
24. Lukin- Pearl Jam
25. 99 Problems/ One Step Closer- Jay Z & Linkin Park