Leading By Example

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Central Park at the Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete event. While it was a great event for a great cause and I met a lot of great people I was reminded of the importance of leading by example. My good friend, Sean Hyson of Men’s Fitness, who was looking as jacked as ever, jumped into the competition to show that he can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I was really impressed by Sean’s willingness to get his hands dirty while he was working and put his money where his mouth is. After Sean’s impressive performance on the bench press I looked down at my phone to notice a text message from another good friend of mine who also leads by example.

Craig Ballantyne and I first met via a mutual friend a few years back and have trained together several times since. While Craig will never be mistaken for a juiced up professional bodybuilder he is incredible shape and has the physique most guys would kill for. He is absolutely ripped and definitely practices what he preaches. The thing that impressed me was how strong he was. I have done deadlifts, squats, dumbbell presses, militarys, chins, rows and everything in between with Craig and he never ceases to impress me with his incredible relative strength. Another thing I notice when training with Craig is that he’s never tired. While I like to take my time on heavy days Craig seems like he’s ready to go in no time. At 33 years old, Craig could easily dominate many guys ten years his junior in the weight room on any given day. Another example of practicing what he preaches and having incredible strength and endurance from the Turbulence Training and nutrition program.

And despite what you may think, Craig doesn’t spend his life in the gym to achieve those results. He is incredibly busy and thus has limited time to dedicate to training on many days. Regardless, he has learned how to maximize his results in limited time and has formulated a training system that allows him to simultaneously build muscle, burn fat and improve his overall energy and endurance levels. Not only does Craig do this with himself but over the last several years he has helped thousands upon thousands of others do the same.

When I need a change from my usual heavy workouts and am extremely busy I pull out my Turbulence Training guide and get in and out of the gym in under a half hour while still getting incredible results.

Having lifted with Craig several times and gone head to head with him in competition I can tell you that Turbulence Training is the real deal. And as much as it pains me to admit, he has even shown me up a few times in weight room competitions.

Since his birthday is coming up Craig is in a great mood and is giving away not one, not five but TEN, F R E E incredible fat blasting reports, including:

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