How to Improve on Chin Ups

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Today we are going to discuss how to improve on chin ups. Chin ups are one of the best overall muscle and strength building exercises around. The problem is that many beginners can’t do a single rep and many intermediate trainees can not seem to progress on them no matter what they do. One very simple solution is to get a big rubber band and loop it around the bar to assist you, as shown in the accompanying video. Start with a strong enough band that allows you to do 5 reps. When you get up to 10-12 reps switch to a lighter band and start over again at 5 reps. Repeat this process with one or two more bands until you are strong enough to do them on your own.

Since the video will explain it more clearly than words ever could, watch below to learn exactly how to improve on chin ups.

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