How to Dominate Your Day

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

What’s up, Renegade?!

It’s Monday motherfucking morning and I am amped way up.

I’m ready to slay, kill, and crush this week.

You too?

Let’s dominate together.

I LOOOOOVE me some Monday mornings.

Ya know why? Cuz everyone else hates them. They whine and bitch and dread the day and week ahead.

But Renegades don’t live or think like everybody else.

Nor do we give a shit what anyone else says or does.

We’re always holding ourselves to a higher standard and separating from the pack.

The first way we do that is with our morning routine.

Meditation (even if you can only do it for 5 minutes) is essential for keeping your mind right.

Writing down 5 people and/or things you are grateful for is another key habit.

Studies have shown that those who practice gratitude enjoy more success, better relationships and have less stress.

Next, we read something short and inspiring. I like the Tao Te Ching, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee.

Just another 5-10 minutes to get our mind right for the day.

While my morning coffee is brewing there are three songs that play on repeat here at Renegade HQ.

The Superman theme song is the first.

Why? Duh. Because I’m envisioning myself as superhuman and seeing all the amazing things I’m going to do today.

Visualization is a key success habit practiced by people like Arnold, Aaron Rodgers, Oprah and Will Smith.

Do it.

The second song is the Rocky theme song.

Because the story of Rocky Balboa has always inspired the shit out of me. The first Rocky film came out when I was two. I watched it a few years later. It’s been with me throughout my life.

Rocky was the ultimate underdog.

l love being an underdog. I LIVE to be an underdog.

I want people to doubt me. I BEG people to doubt me.

Underestimate me.

Please tell me I can’t do something.

That’s just the fuel I need to fan these flames.

I know you share the exact same sentiments because you’re my fellow Renegade.

As Renegades we have no choice but to prove the doubters wrong.


Sometimes negativity and weakness can creep in because we’re surrounded by it at all times.

So if you even hesitate for one second to do your best today, I want you to answer the question Eminem asks in song #3 of my morning playlist…

“If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?”

Do not miss your chance,

Jay Ferruggia

PS. The other essential success habit is, obviously, training.

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