Home Gym Setup

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Question: Coach,

I’m anxious to start your ‘Home Gym Warrior’ program that you have outlined in your Muscle Gaining Secrets package (which is awesome btw). Anyway, since I prefer the home-gym programs due to my schedule, as you might have guessed, I was looking for the most cost-effective solution to having a set of dumbbells on hand.

Currently I have some light dumbbells for warm ups and such (sets of 10s and 15s) and some heavier ones(sets of 30s through 40’s) based on where I’m at in my progression. But, I want to also have some heaver weights as I further progress. But it’s starting to get expensive.

So, I was wondering if I should keep equipping my home-gym this way. Or, get one of those all-in-one adjustable dumbbells. The all-in-one sets seem expensive but I haven’t done the math on whether they are more cost-effective than having a set. Also, are there any drawbacks or inconveniences to using them?

Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated. Your site is awesome and keep keeping it real.

Joe S.

Answer: Joe, first of all, always try to buy dumbbells somewhere locally. The shipping costs will kill you. If you search hard enough you can usually find good deals. Check out ebay and other auction or discount sites. Another option is to be on the lookout for gym auctions. When gyms close down they usually auction off their equipment at very reasonable prices. You can always find used equipment for cheap if you look hard enough.

For your purposes the all in one dumbbell sets (Powerblocks or other like sets) might be your best option. Yes, they are expensive but they save room and the overall cost is probably cheaper. There are really no problems or drawbacks associated with using Powerblocks for any exercises.