High Powered Fat Loss

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on October 30, 2008

By John Alvino

During my entire 16 year career as a professional fitness coach, I have experimented with every imaginable exercise protocol on myself and my many clients. This tireless journey has helped me to perfect a fat loss system that delivers unparalleled results.

My fat loss subjects have included young and old, men and women, obese and those who just want to lose “the last 10 pounds”. Actually, the only group that I never worked with was identical twins. That is, until now.

Just recently, I had two twin brothers (Angelo and Phil) hire me to design training routines for them. They are both wrestlers and needed to lose body fat while simultaneously improving their conditioning. This is my specialty, and I was very excited to work with them.

I was tempted to give them two different exercise routines (to monitor the results of each). But instead, I gave them the exact same routine, since they had the exact same goals, similar injury histories, and they were going to be training together at school. Considering that all of the variables were identical, I was expecting comparable results for both of them.

The initial program I designed for them lasted one month. After they completed this program, they came back to see me for their phase two plan. When I tested their body fat percentage, I was shocked.

Phil had achieved fantastic results (he had lost 9.5 pounds of fat) while Angelo got nowhere (just under 2 pounds). I immediately thought that Angelo was cheating on his diet. They both assured me that this wasn’t the case and that they eat all of their meals together.

After scratching my head for a minute, I decided to have them do a workout in front of me so I could make sure they were doing the routine properly. It only took about ten minutes into the workout to determine why they had experienced such dramatically different results. Angelo was lazy! He trained at a very low intensity with absolutely no enthusiasm. Phil, on the other hand, trained very hard and in a very focused and inspired fashion.

In fact, Angelo trained in such slow motion that Phil actually lapped him about halfway through their workout. It was no surprise that Phil had gotten significantly better results then his brother did.

In addition, it’s not a shocker that Phil is a great wrestler while Angelo is just mediocre. The point is simply this: although genetics do play a role in your appearance and athletic performance, work ethic is a HUGE component of your success. As a matter of fact, without it, you are doomed to mediocrity, no matter how talented or gifted you are.

Thus, I strongly encourage you to evaluate your intensity during your workouts. My advice to you is simple: Step up your intensity, work hard during your workouts and watch your fat loss results accelerate to new levels!

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