How to Have the Best Workout Ever

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on July 14, 2016

jackedandtanTraining is a skill. You improve with time, dedication, and practice. Progress comes in both the amount of weight you lift and the quality of your movement.

Let me watch two guys of equal strength train together, and I can tell you who has been at it longer. There is just something about the way he lifts that screams experience.

Over time, that experience leads to more effective workouts and better results.

How to properly work up to a top end set, how heavy your sets should feel, and how fast your reps should look. All of those o details play a critical role in your risk of injury, your ability to recover, and your progress.

I always say that experience is the best teacher. The only way you master the skills of strength training is by hitting the iron with commitment and focus for 5+ years.

However, you can accelerate this learning process by implemeneting the lessons of those who have been in the iron game for decades.

In this episode, I go through how you can master these principles and allow yourself to get results as fast as possible.

Tune in to hear me discuss the essential aspects of a great workout and walk you through the habits and actions of the most experienced lifters.

If you only have a couple minutes, be sure to check out an in-depth overview of my current nutrition plan on the #GenXMassQuest.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:25: The music genre that makes me want to headbutt someone
  • 3:41: iMessage auto-corrects that only meatheads will understand
  • 5:40: Shout out recent iTunes reviews winners. Be sure to listen so you can claim your free t shirt
  • 10:24: The diet mistake that always leaves me with low energy
  • 13:32: A detailed explanation of my current nutrition plan on the #GenXMassQuest
  • 19:54:  How to properly warm up to your first working set
  • 21:34: My favorite workout trick to increase my strength on top end sets
  • 26:26: The proper way to choose your working weights for every exercise
  • 27: 56: When you should and should not go to failure
  • 30:12: What to do if you aren’t feeling it when you get to the gym
  • 31:32 Is overtraining real?
  • 37:19: How to adjust your training when doing martial arts
  • 39:29: Why most people fail to accomplish their goals and what you can do to avoid that failure
  • 41:34: How I keep my marriage healthy and my life balanced
  • 45:42: The best approach to squat and deadlift with achey knees
  • 46:32: What’s the single greatest exercise for traps hypertrophy?

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