Do These to Become Bulletproof

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I love loaded carries and include them in every training program I design.

There is nothing more functional than picking up something heavy and walking with it. It’s manly, hardcore, old school shit. Makes you feel like a badass.

Especially when you’re doing them in a public gym where no one else would dream of doing such a thing.

Loaded carries bulletproof your entire body from head to toe.

Ankle, knee and hip stability is increased from loaded carries.

Your toes, feet and abs get stronger.

Your calves, glutes, forearms, and traps get bigger.

Loaded carries are also great for improving your conditioning. Let the others hop on the treadmill or do floopjacks in the corner. I’d rather pick up the heaviest dumbbells I can find and take a stroll around the entire place, breathing so hard that my heart’s coming out of my chest.

And the cool thing is there are numerous variations of loaded carries; some that you probably haven’t even tried yet.

I include loaded carries in every Renegade training program.

You can get started on a new one right now at the link below:

Be relentless,
Jay Ferruggia