Do These Exercises Suck?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

A lot of strength training purists argue that isolation exercises are useless.

If we’re talking about a raw beginner I’d agree. Compound exercises that incorporate the most muscle will always be best. You don’t need anything else at the newbie stage.

Later on things change. Isolation exercises can help create balance and prevent injury.

They also help build muscle.

I tried the “all-big-lifts” programs for years and all I ever got was hurt. And fat.

I barely even looked like I lifted. It’s great to be strong. But you should look like you lift.

I know a lot of skinny guys who do those programs and have zero muscle to show for it.

They can deadlift a decent amount. But look like walking twigs with a pot belly.

A” hardgainer” will always have a skinny neck, forearms and calves.

Experts say that those muscle groups will grow from compound exercises. But that’s just not the case. You’d have to add in isolation exercises to increase their size. The same could go for biceps and shoulders.

I prefer a mix of compound and isolation exercises. I add explosive speed work and some strongman training. The result?

The perfect training program for building functional, athletic muscle.

Get started on it today:

Jay Ferruggia