Skinny Guy

Do These Exercises Suck?

A lot of strength training purists argue that isolation exercises are useless. If we’re talking about a raw beginner I’d agree. Compound exercises that incorporate the most muscle will always be best. You don’t need anything else at the newbie stage. Later on things change. Isolation exercises can help create balance and prevent injury. They also help build muscle. I tried the “all-big-lifts” programs for years and all I ever got was hurt. And fat. I barely even looked like I lifted. It’s great… continue reading.

Low Reps = No Muscle Growth?

Like a lot of us Chris was struggling to gain muscle when he contacted me. He trained for years but barely looked like he’d ever touched a weight. He’d gotten stronger but was still skinny-fat. And was achy all the time. Shoulders were clicky, knees were creaky and his lower back was always tight. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that. I wasn’t surprised to hear he was doing one of those “hardgainer” programs with 5 reps or less on everything across the board. continue reading.