Bodyweight 300 Challenge & Two Other Sick Workouts

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on February 7, 2013

craig_ballantyne_kettlebell_absMy recovery is usually pretty on point and I don’t too many inflammatory foods so I don’t get sore that often.

I mean, I get sore, or course, but it’s usually just light soreness from time to time and never anything too deep or crippling.

Today, though, I’m definitely feeling it more than usual and need a massage.

That’s because in addition to my regular training I threw in a couple finishers from my buddy Craig Ballantyne’s Home Workout Revolution

Below is the one that I hit yesterday:

Workout 1: Bodyweight Cardio

Do 40 reps per exercise. Do not rest or rest as little as possible between exercises. Perform 2 rounds and rest 1 minute between rounds. The first time you do this workout just complete 1 round.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Run in Place- 40 per side
  • Skater Hops- 20 per side
  • Bodyweight Squat
  • X-Body Mountain Climber- 20 per side
  • Side to Side Jump- 20 per side
  • Pushup or Kneeling Pushup
  • Seal Jump
  • Walking Lunge- 20 per side
  • Split Shuffle- 20 per side

This workout can be done as a finisher or an off or travel day if your pressed for time, don’t have any equipment or both.

The next one is fun to challenge yourself on and compete against others on to see who gets the best time.

Workout 2: Bodyweight 300 Challenge

Do the following circuit with as little as possible between exercises. Record your time. Beat it each week.

  • Bodyweight Row- 20
  • Diagonal Lunge- 25 per side
  • Close Grip Pushup- 40
  • Skater Hops- 50 per side
  • Mountain Climbers- 20 per side
  • Prisoner Squat- 30
  • Bodyweight Row- 20

Post your time on my Facebook wall or give me a shout on Twitter to let me know how you did.

And finally, here’s a bodyweight/ ab circuit you can do at the end of a lower body focused day:

Workout 3: 20-15 Ab Circuit

Do the following circuit twice, resting for one minute between circuits.

  • Total Body Extension- 20
  • Body Saw- 15
  • Close Stance Bodyweight Squat- 20
  • Mountain Climbers- 15 per side
  • Switch Lunge- 10 per side
  • X-Body Mountain Climber- 15 per side
  • Chop- 20 per side

For tons of other killer bodyweight workouts that all last just 4-19 minutes check out Craig’s Home Workout Revolution.

It’s on sale until the end of the day today, only.