Some of the Best Training Advice I Ever Got

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

It came to me back in the early 90’s when I was wasting hour after hour in the gym each week and not gaining an ounce of size or strength.

At that time, like a lot of people then, and unfortunately, now, I was doing too much volume but never really giving my body a reason to grow.

That’s when I discovered Dorian Yates. He had won the Mr. Olympia for the first time that year and the way he trained was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Yates said,

It’s simple really:  When you stress the muscle beyond what it’s used to, it compensates and adapts to that stress by becoming stronger and larger…

The bottom line is this: You’ve got to overload the muscle on a progressive basis and give it plenty of time for repair and recuperation, in order for it to become bigger and stronger.”

What that means is that if the weights aren’t regularly moving upwards in your workouts you’re essentially wasting your time.

Progressive overload, at the right frequency, while allowing enough recovery each week to grow, is what it’s all about.

That means 3-4 moderate volume strength training sessions in the gym and one (or two) hard conditioning days.

The way you set up your training, the split you choose, the number of exercises, etc. should all be based on one question:

What will allow me to make the greatest strength gains over the next 6-12 months?

The plan that allows you to do that is the plan that will cause the greatest amount of muscle growth.

Pumping, supersets, drop sets and specialized exercises all pale in comparison and won’t make much of a difference to a genetically average, drug free guy in his quest for more mass.

When you add 20-40 pounds to your best 8-rep military press your shoulders will be significantly bigger.When your best 10RM on a one arm dumbbell row goes from 50 to 80 pounds your back will be thicker and wider.

Bottom line.

That’s what Renegade Training is all about.

Get in, hit it hard and fast, three times per week then get one hard conditioning/ strongman session in and you’re done.

Then you go home and grow.

End of story.

Get Renegade Strong.