Are You Up For This Shit?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Twenty plus years ago I had one of the original hardcore, underground, warehouse-style training facilities.

Renegade Gym.

The music was loud and angry. The attitude was pure ruthless aggression. The floor, covered with chalk. The walls with blood.

The closet doors had holes in them. Some from a headbutt before a new PR attempt.

Others from the many scuffles that broke out during an intense squat day.

This was not a place you came to “exercise,” or “work out.” You came to train.

We used sleds, sandbags, barrels, kegs, rings, ropes, and chains LONG before it was cool and mainstream.

When everyone else did leg extensions and pec machines we deadlifted.

While others still practiced one-on-one training we originated small and larger group training.

There was a record board on the wall and you came to the gym each day with one intention… To get your name on it. To knock someone down a spot. To dethrone and slay the king.

Like powerlifting guru, Louie Simmons once said, “We had no room for poodles. We only wanted pitbulls.”

There were no other places around quite like it. There was no internet. There was nowhere to even find that type of training or equipment.

We were originators and innovators. To quote Ice Cube, we “started this gangsta sh*t.”

If you wanted to train back then your only option was a typical public gym. You could do a 90’s style bodybuilding workout on the Hammer Strength machines.

We all know now how useless that was.

Even though we did zero advertising somehow everyone started hearing about Renegade Gym. This basement dungeon became the thing of legend.

A mythical place where people came to get big, strong, fast and jacked as f*ck.

Eventually multi-million dollar “sports performance centers” started to open in nearby neighborhoods.

They thought they could steal some of our thunder. Take some of our clients.

They thought wrong.

We were often imitated but never duplicated.

There was nowhere else around where you could find that type of atmosphere.

More importantly, there was no other training system that could deliver such insane results.

Now, I can’t bring you to the original Renegade Gym, but I can do the next best thing. I can bring it to you.

I’ve since moved our membership online. So that more people can experience the training and the results for themselves.

If you’re finally ready to get the best results of your life join us on the darkside at the link below:

See you on the inside,

Jay Ferruggia

The Renegade Strength Coach