Yet Another Muscle Building Success Story

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Well, all I have to say is, “nothing but results.” Your program has not only allowed me to have better time management, but has given me more of a life. I used to work out 5-7 days a week up to over an hour at most times. Every year I would get sick sometime around the months of March and late in the year in November and December, obviously due to overtraining. Now, I get to spend more time focusing on my studies for ministry, and spend more time with people than ever before. I used to be workout crazy, and I chased all the supplements, but now I dont use any supplements!!! That not only saves me more money, but I also dont worry about whats going into my body. I used to spend anywhere from 60-120.00$$$ a month, just on supplements. I saw your program and thought, ok I can spend 45$ on this, which would equal out to one container of NO-Xplode. But if the program was bogus, then I really didnt waste any money.

Not only have I learned a greater respect for “training,” but I have realized why I do it. Its for the challenge and desire to get friggin huge. Now I workout three days a week, I dont waste any more money on supplements, I have more time to spend with friends, family, and school. And again nothing but results. I am now lifting 10-20% more than I was before the program. I have been training on this program for four weeks. My body composition has already changed. I went from a weight of 180-185 to a solid 195, without gaining hardly any fat. I am changing up my next four week program to see how things work, and I expect nothing less than results. I want to commend you for your efforts and oustanding committment that you have to get back with your customers. I would definitely refer your program to any person wanting to gain weight and pack on muscle. Your program builds confidence with a well balanced look at bodybuilding.
Thanks alot, your program has changed my life literally,
God Bless,
Steven Combs


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