8 Ways I Plan to Help You in 2011

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on January 10, 2011

With the Renegade Army growing bigger and stronger throughout every week of 2010 I was able to reach and help more people than ever before. That’s what I got into this business for so to be able to do it on such a grand scale brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

When I first started Renegade Strength & Conditioning in a tiny, underground gym in Jersey seventeen years ago I never would have imagined that we’d one day be worldwide with over 100,000 rebellious, badasses following the Renegade Method.

Thank you all for that. It humbles me beyond words.

In 2011 it’s time to take it up a notch. Like George did when driving Susan’s parents to the Hamptons.

“You wanna get nuts!? Let’s get nuts!”

Hustlemania will be running wilder than ever at Renegade Inc. in 2011…

First I’d like to tell you what I have planned for the new year and then I’d like to hear your thoughts. Tell me what you’re excited about and what you want more of- types of posts, products, videos, seminars, internships, mentorships, online coaching, etc.

Plans For 20111

1) More Live Events and Seminars- I’m planning a handful of seminars to be held in Jersey and another to be held in Cali for the upcoming year. I’m also in discussions for one in Europe and another in Australia. There will be more updates as the year progresses. I’ll keep you all posted.

2) More Traveling and On Site Coaching- I had to cut back on my travel schedule last year but I’ll be cranking it back up just a bit in 2011. That means that I will be accepting clients that want to book a single session (or 2-3) with me when I’m in town for events or seminars. This info will be posted as the year goes on but if you are interested in this please let me know ASAP.

3) Accepting New Online Coaching Clients- During 2010 I was only able to add two new online coaching clients due to my schedule. I will be opening up 5-7 new slots in the upcoming weeks and will be accepting new applicants.

Please note that with all coaching options I only work with those that are beyond the beginner level, have a decent level of athleticism, experience and exercise knowledge and have specific, realistic, and achievable goals. I expect to see rapid and dramatic progress in every client I work with therefore I demand that they be 100% committed to the task at hand. I know the kind of results the Renegade Method delivers, therefore I have little patience for those not willing to lay it all on the line. That’s just me being honest.

4) More Frequent Posts- I’m gonna set a goal for 2011 of doing 15-20% more posts than last year. That might mean some of them are shorter but I’m gonna do my best to provide you guys with new, killer content as often as possible, including more video and lifestyle stuff.

5) More Videos and Exclusive Content in the Renegade Inner Circle- Gonna be stepping it up even more for more my inner circle members with some killer programs, articles, videos and exclusive offers.

6) New Products- I have the newly updated Renegade Football Strength scheduled for release this winter. I also have Jacked 2.0, a follow up to my very first ebook from back in 2003 coming soon. Later in the year I plan to finally start writing the all encompassing Renegade Method and possibly making some DVD’s along with it. Lastly, I’ve been experimenting with The Renegade Diet for the past year and have a bunch of people on different variations of it. Hopefully by years end there will a guide on that as well. If there’s anything in particular you guys would like to see please let me know.

7) Female Training Site- When the average, out of shape, overweight female comes up to me at a party or somewhere out in public asking for training advice I tell them I don’t know the answers to their questions and that I only work with football players. That’s not 100% true. I am telling them a lie to spare my own sanity. I refuse to tell people what they want to hear. And since most times they can’t handle the truth and want me to sell them some bullshit about cardio or diet that I don’t believe in I’d rather say nothing. But there are large and ever growing numbers of females who love to train Renegade Style and regularly send us requests for more information. For all of them, Jen and I will be launching a brand new site (which she will be heading up) in the next few weeks that caters to the hardcore, badass female portion of our audience.

8] More Exclusive Offers, Secret Deals and Weekly Rapid Fire Q&A Sessions on my Facebook PageIf you haven’t already, make sure you “like” my Facebook page and download your FREE copy of the Run RBC 28 Day Strength & Mass Program. Be sure to check in regularly as well because I will be doing rapid fire, live Q&A sessions, having contests and presenting secret links and special deals. Click HERE for my Facebook page.

In between everything we have planned work wise Jen and I plan on tying the knot, starting to think about Renegade junior’s intro to the world, taking a few vacations, training as hard as ever, learning a few new skills and continuing to live life according to our own rules.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to have you guys here every step of the way and I look forward to bigger and better things for all of us in the New Year.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how I can serve you best and what you would like to see more of in 2011. Like I said, this blog is for you and the more I can do to help you reach your goals faster the happier I’ll be.

Fire away…