2 Best (Rarely Used) Leg Exercises

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

When asked what the best lower body exercise is most people just say, “squats,” without even thinking.

But there are numerous types of squats.

And there’s one that you never see anyone doing, that can be a game changer. It’s known as a skater squat or single leg squat. You do them by bending one leg behind you and squatting down on the other.

Dr. Stuart McGill is the leading spine researcher in the world and he ranks this among the most effective exercises anyone can do. It has countless benefits including improved stability and mobility throughout the entire lower body. It’s also great for building quads and glutes.

The other amazing, yet rarely used exercise, I want to discuss today is the single leg Romanian deadlift.

This movement has all of the benefits of the skater squats. When done regularly it really improves your hip mobility, which is severely lacking in most people.

I first started incorporating this on a regular basis when working under the tutelage of my friend, Dr. Mark Cheng.

After a few weeks, I couldn’t believe how much stronger my entire lower body felt and how much less lower back pain I had.

To this day I regularly include both of these exercises in my training programs.

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Jay Ferruggia