12 Renegade Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Voodoo Floss Bands
These are awesome for instantly making your ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows or shoulders feel significantly better. I keep them in my gym back and break them out whenever anything isn’t feeling up to snuff. After a couple minutes of voodoo magic I’m good go.

Rumble Roller

A plain old basic foam roller is great. But once that no longer does anything for you it’s time to graduate to this bad boy. I use this 365 days per year on every muscle group from head to toe.

Super Nova
Very few things work to improve the tissue health of the hamstrings like the Super Nova.


Better than a double lacrosse ball. This is the way to fix that jacked up T-spine of yours.

Band Package

Bands are great to have for shoulder dislocations, pull aparts, face pulls, assisted chins, resisted pushups, revere band presses, squats and deads and numerous other exercises. I hand selected this package to get you through any and all Renegade workouts. Use the coupon code jayband10 to get 10% off your order.

Hand X Bands
We’re all guilty of over gripping; doing to much crush work and not enough for the extensors. These will help remedy that problem and can also alleviate elbow pain.

If you’ve followed any Renegade programs you know that rings are essential for chins, dips, pushups, fall outs, front levers, L-sits, and inverted rows. Don’t train without them.

Dog Sled
There are few things I love more than pushing or dragging a sled. Pushing/dragging is a foundational, basic human movement pattern that our bodies were designed to do. It should be part of training routine. The dog sled can be used to build strength, power, size, conditioning or a combo of all the above.

Biotrust Protein Cookies

They’re gluten free and make a delicious desert treat for the meathead on your list.

Lunch Bots

By now everyone knows not to mess with plastic. So if you’re packing a lunch, use these instead.

Alpha Brain

A few days per week when I really need to be highly focused and get a ton done I pop a few of these. I’d be psyched to find a bottle of these in my stocking.

Bulletproof Coffee
This is one of the best tasting and most effective coffee’s I’ve ever had. I order a five pound bag and grind it up daily. When stacked with some Alpha Brain your focus is off the charts.