Vote For The Winner Of the RIC- Muscle Gain Transformation Contest

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We recently wrapped up our 90 day muscle gain contest in the Renegade Inner Circle. All of these guys followed the Inner Circle workouts and used the Renegade Diet (some with the advanced modifications we have in the RIC for faster gains).

There were a lot of great submissions but we’ve gone through the after pics and narrowed it down to these guys.

Now it’s up to you vote for the grand prize winner who gets an ALL EXPENSES PAID beach vacation to Santa Monica, California where he’ll hang out and train with me for four days.

So don’t take your vote lightly… There’s a lot at stake here.

And keep in mind that most of these guys have been training seriously and properly for quite some time. So to even gain a pound of muscle in 90 days is impressive.

Only one vote per person, please.

Kyle Matthews


Shawn Strickland



 Gary Deagle

Before: 172 @ 9.5% bf
After: 177@ 9% bf


Josh McManus


Brad Yarbrough


Ryan Swisher

Before: 185 ?BF
After: 201 ?BF


John Knapp


Roy Richie


Jimmy Heim


Braxton Bragg


Jeb Stuart Johnson

Before: 165 lbs 20%bf?
After: 80 14%bf?



Voting has ended. If you want results like these guys join the Renegade Inner Circle today.