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The 7 Biggest Mistakes Gym Owners Make- Part III

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This is the third and final part of this incredible series of guest posts by my good friend, Luka Hocevar.

If you missed Part I click HERE and for Part II click HERE.

If you want to run a successful fitness business you need to read and apply every word of what Luka’s got for you in this three part series.

I’ll let Luka take it from here.

Mistake #7. Not getting and showing results or telling stories about transformations

BA-EddieRegardless of all the other things, people want results, period.

Disclaimer: If you’re not getting results you’re shit out of luck and most marketing efforts won’t work.

Whatever works will actually make it worse because people will see you’re not good or just ok (both suck!) It’s one of the fundamentals of growing a successful fitness business.

Even more so, people want transformations. Not just physical, but who they become going through the process of changes with mindset, training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Show people you get results and help people transform; in every sense of the word. Show the proof in pictures, testimonials, videos. Tell stories about it.

Stories are powerful!

Think of it as as storytelling a heroes journey (it is!). You client’s and people that use your programs are the heroes.

It’s like a 3 act play:

1. The defining moment
2. The struggle
3. The discovery (enhanced equilibrium)

So the play is going from the time they realized they needed to do something about their situation and chose your service to help them. Their struggles, from making changes, downfalls, internal battles, overcoming, etc. Lastly, what happened during the journey that brought them to the discovery that got them in an enhanced equilibrium.

I know, that is some deep shit right?

The point is that you can’t get people involved strictly from an information standpoint, you have to get them engaged from a transformation standpoint.

Let people know how they will feel once they use your services/programs.

Talk about their life after they achieve their results.


Do it through as many avenues as you can while delivering content, telling stories and showing the successful transformations.

Here are just some avenues:

  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Culture/Success Book in the front of the gym where people can see it (don’t have magazines, etc.)
  • Before/after pictures and testimonials hanging in the front of the gym (our wall of fame)
  • Video’s with stories (it’s worth getting someone to do this in high quality and not flip cam)
  • Flyers with content and success stories (we have some of these in surrounding businesses)
  • Posters in the bathrooms, talking about success story with testimonial for more exclusive programs (up-sell)
  • Creating manuals that deliver content but through integrating it with transformation stories and giving them away to build a list (quality content and value for whoever is getting it along with a transformational story weaved into it)

When people constantly see your message through different avenues and media and it’s not the same old “pick us” marketing, they will pay attention, especially when it is transformational.

There you have it, 7 mistakes gym owners make that is killing their business.

What would a service be with no added value though?


No one should do average!

So here is a bonus tip that can change your business. Even more importantly, it may change you.

BONUS Mistake: Not running charity boot camps and events!

This is something I’m extremely passionate and purposeful about and to be honest, one of the top lead generation strategies for my business.

We run a Saturday boot camp for a cause every week where we donate the earnings to a charity or organization (mostly local, as well as charities close to myself and our members). Anyone can come and drop in and it is our most popular session as people will bring friends to support something positive.

There is no pressure, no hard sell, just a great way for new prospects (that are really referrals from people that are our fans) to experience our service and atmosphere.

They do have to sign a waiver which includes phone, e-mail and address after which we send them a thank you note for supporting the cause and giving them a gift card towards our services (it can also be used as a trial).

Double whammy! Helping the community and bringing people into your business!

We have a whole program called Vigor Giver that is involved with “giving” in the community and charities throughout the year.

The most important thing here is that you are getting involved for the right reasons; because you have the power to make a difference and help people less fortunate than yourself!

I can guarantee that once you are doing it from that perspective, you will generate a steady stream of leads.

You may be asking how you can implement this.

Find a cause that matters to you or your members and set a date to create a charity event. Just remember to promote it an event rather than a boot camp.

People love events.

They also love experiences. So make it an experience!

Here’s some things we’ve done in the past to make the event an experience and make people excited for the next one:

  • Sponsored by Vitamin Water and Muscle Milk (we had reps handing out free shakes and waters)
  • Local supplement store giving away supplements
  • Chiropractor/massage giving away adjustments and free 15 minute massages
  • Local running specialist store helping people pick footwear and giving specials
  • Photograhper/videographer
  • Red carpet with pictures
  • Club DJ/Hype Man while the book camp was running
  • Food
  • Raffle’s and giveaways
  • Inviting local celebrities


Promote it at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time through your newsletter, Facebook (create and event and invite everyone), flyers, gym notifications on the board, through the organization you will be donating to (connect with them), as well as announcing it after every training session. Get the buzz going!

Make sure you send out an e-mail explaining why you are doing it and what for as this is important to get people involved, and you never know who supports that cause as well.

Have a great training session, coach your ass off, make people feel appreciated and create an unmatched experience.

You’ll get more quality leads in one day than you have in months.

All this while helping a great cause.

True story.

The above mistakes can only be avoided if you do something about them and take action.


You can find the complete A-Z guide and action steps to create a world class charity event in our Fitness Business Mix Tape along with other systems, strategies and done for you applicable tools that has helped us create two fitness business generating 7 figures annually.


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