Muscle Building Workouts- 23 Ways to Get Big & Strong

muscle building workouts should include heavy weights

You wanna build muscle?

You wanna get strong?

You wanna be a straight up beast?

Do you love list posts as much as I do?

Then read the tips below…

1) Before you get to the gym make sure you have your muscle building workouts planned out. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

2) Psyche up on the way there by visualizing the workout in your head. See yourself going through each of your exercises and dominating the weights.

3) Limit your workouts to an hour, tops. Use a stopwatch or GymBoss Interval Timer to keep yourself in check.

4) Don’t be a program hopper. The best way to see zero results is by jumping from one routine to the next from week to week.

5) Start each workout with a full body dynamic warm up to fire up the CNS, lubricate the joints and activate the muscles; especially those that might not always fire properly or in the right order.

6) If you have nagging injuries stay covered up and dress warm for your workouts. I always wear a few layers unless it’s over 80 degrees in the gym.

7) Knee and elbow sleeves can also be a great friend to the older beat up lifter.

8) Develop a very close, personal relationship with the Rumble Roller and a lacrosse ball.

9) Don’t skimp on your warm ups. If 405 is your starting weight on deadlifts, doing 135×5, 225×3, 315×1 and then starting is not an effective warm up. Multiple sets of low reps will better prepare you for the task at hand.

10) Train hard. But don’t make every set and every workout a competition.

11) Begin your workouts with some type of throw, jump or Olympic lift for 3-10 sets of 1-5 reps to fire up your CNS.

Captain Kirk knew a thing or two about muscle building workouts

12) If you’re regularly using heavy loads in the 1-5 range don’t train for more than about six weeks straight without taking a deload week. Newbies can go longer.

13) Using Fat Gripz helps you get both grip and forearm work in without adding any extra training time. It also helps save your elbows.

14) Use a variety of bodyweight exercises to complement the barbell lifts.

15) Incorporate odd objects and strongman type exercises to build real world, functional strength and stability. If you could only pick one farmers walks would be the best.

16) Always strive for maximal muscle stimulation with minimal joint stress.

17) Speaking of joint stress, be careful to avoid elbow pain. When your elbows get screwed up you will most likely have to deal with it for years. And whenever you think they have healed you will find some exercise that causes excruciating pain.

18) One of the biggest benefits of bodyweight exercises is they allow you to get in some volume and train the muscle without destroying your joints or your CNS.

Sure, the deadlift is a better exercise for your posterior chain than the glute ham raise. But you can’t deadlift with a lot of volume every day. If you’re really strong you might not be able to do more than a couple of  sets of deadlifts per month.

With the glute ham you can hit it every day if need be and there is minimal joint or CNS stress.

Road Warrior Hawks muscle building workouts were legendary19) If you want traps like the late, great Road Warrior Hawk (and who doesn’t?) you should add in some Olympic pull variations like snatch grip high pulls.

20) Do high intensity conditioning either immediately after strength training or as a separate workout on the same day, 4-8 hours later.

21) Before doing anything in the gym always ask yourself a couple questions. Will it help me? How? If you can’t come up with a good answer don’t do it.

22) Your goals and what you do during workouts should always coincide.

23) Have fun. At the end of the day most people will not continue to do something for the long haul if it’s not fun. So get a training partner or group, challenge each other, get strong and have fun.


Building muscle isn’t rocket science. It just requires hard work, dedication, persistence and a never-say-die attitude.

If you’re relentless and train with passion on a regular basis changes will happen. It’s not an overnight process so you’ve got to patient. Remember that it’s a sprint and not a marathon. A lot of people start training with all kinds of hopes and aspirations. Most of them quit a few months into it.

But you’re not most people.

Now go crush some weights.


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