How Gary Deagle Gained 40 Pounds of Muscle

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness

MGS.BA-GaryGuest Post by Renegade Inner Circle member, Gary Deagle

As you can tell from the puka shell necklace pic(they were popular in 2003 right!?), I had a lot of obstacles to overcome.

At that point I had just been suspended from my first semester of college, felt like I had ruined my life, and on top of it was scrawny.

My mom bought me a Men’s Fitness thinking it would spark my interest since I was big time into sports and an athlete in high school. 

Luckily for me I read an article in it about a guy named Jason Ferruggia who went from scrawny to brawny by breaking all the rules. I then searched him on the internet and stumbled upon a program called “Muscle Gaining Secrets”. I read through it, joined a gym, and got after it.

I eventually got an overweight friend in on it and he got great results and dropped all his bad weight. I felt awesome about my progress and his, which lead to applying for a personal trainer position at the local Gold’s Gym.

From there I worked my way up to being a top trainer over 6 years, got back in school and received my degree in Sports Management and eventually left Gold’s by investing my life savings in a 24 hour gym with a business partner.

Three years later we have grown it into 3 locations and I am living the dream. 

All along the way I followed Jason’s programs, advice, and Renegade mindset.

Without him as a sort of mentor I would not be as far along as I am with my mindset, training, physique, health and business. 

When I started I was a 135 pound weakling and now I am 175 pounds and consider myself a great athlete.

I train because it provides a certain consistency in my life and is something I can always count on for mental and physical strength. I want to continue to make myself stronger and injury proof.

I make sure I do this by outsourcing my programming to Jay’s weekly workout in the Renegade Inner Circle ( which I have been a member of since day 1).

I was lucky enough to stumble upon his work from the beginning and have developed some decent stats.

Weight: 175
Height: 5’10”
Max squat: 405
Max deadlift: 465
Max Chins: 26

Max Handstand Pushups: 21
Wife: Smoking Hot

Most importantly for me now is balance and living a Renegade lifestyle. I like to stay at the beach, paddle boarding, playing sports, traveling, and growing my business just as much as working out. I also enjoy cooking and food in general.

My interest in overall health & nutrition was sparked by Jay as well and is something I enjoy talking about and having access to Jay in the Inner Circle along with the camaraderie of everybody else to look forward to on a daily basis. 

As much as I love working out, there is much more to life and that is my favorite thing about the Renegade lifestyle. It does not just help you gain weight and get a better squat number, it helps you learn, grow as a person, and ultimately be happy with yourself and your life.

Gary Deagle
PS: HAIL to the Redskins!