9 Quick Tips For Bigger Arms

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness

how to build bigger arms1) Include a lot of close grip chin ups and dips in your workout program.

2) Never go ultra heavy on curls or direct triceps work unless you want screwed up elbows.

3) If you already have tricky elbows I’d recommend some neoprene elbow sleeves when training arms directly.

4) Get a massive pump. That’s more important than moving big weight when it comes to direct arm training.

5) Let your bench and overhead presses take care of the heavy loading for triceps. Then pump on pushdowns and extensions for higher reps with low rest periods.

6) Consider training biceps on your leg day, 48 hours after your main upper body day. This allows you to hit them more often and also when they are fresher. The biceps are small muscles that recovery quickly so this could work out quite nicely.

7) Since they are a smaller body part, the arms can tolerate more volume and frequency than the lats, quads or other larger body parts, when specializing on them for a month or two.

8) Climb ropes or do some type of rope rows with a 1.5-2″ diameter rope. You can loop a rope over the top of a power rack and do inverted rows like that or you can attach one end of a rope to a sled and row that fucker toward you, hand over hand for a good 20-60 second. That’s what you see guys doing in the worlds strongest man contest and that shit will grow some pipes.

9) Stretch the biceps and triceps in between sets and after your last pump set.