Top 10 Muscle Building Myths

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-12-16-pmI’ve been training for 30 years now.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in that time. That’s because I fell for a lot of the myths I’m gonna talk about here today.

I’ve tried all these techniques out on myself, I’ve seen others try them and fail, and I’ve tested them on my clients.

Despite crappy results I would often find myself getting suckered back in and trying them again a few years later. That was usually after I’d read something very convincing that made me think I was nuts. So I’d go back and give it another shot.

And what happens? I end up smaller, weaker, and injured.

Today, I’m gonna share what has and hasn’t worked for me and the thousands of clients I’ve trained, and what you need to take to your own training to maximize your results

Today’s Topics Include:

1:50: Myth #1: Hardgainers should only do the big 3 and olympic lifts.

7:10: Myth #2: Only train with low reps

10:27: Myth #3: The more sets you do, the more you will grow

15:57: Myth #4: You should always do full body workouts

21:33: Myth #5: Always do the big, barbell lifts first in your workout

25:06: Myth #6: Never use machines or do isolation exercises

29:36: Myth #7: You should always use long rest periods

30:51: Myth #8: Always train to failure

33:41: Myth #9: Chase PRs every single workout

36:13: Myth #10: If you want to get jacked, you should avoid conditioning

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