Never Do This for Shoulders

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

As a young meathead, I did a lot of stupid stuff in the gym.

I mean really f’n stupid.

But I was in my twenties and thought I was invincible. Not to mention charming and handsome with the bloat of youth filling my puffy face. Oh, where have ye gone? Father time, you’re a cruel bastard…

The point is that stupidity eventually led to shoulder surgery.

That’s why I cringe every time I see someone doing upright rows or lateral raises.  

I see it in the gym and as part of the workouts on those late night infomercials.

I know how that story ends.

So I beg you- if you’re doing upright rows, stop. It’s not worth the risk.

There are much better ways to target the traps and shoulders without the impingement.

Lateral raises are a slightly different story.

The danger from those comes when you take the recommendation to “pour a pitcher of water.”

That means you turn your pinkies up at the top and your thumbs point down.

Supposedly this targets the sides of your shoulders (medial deltoid) more effectively. And it might. But it also causes impingement. And that’s no bueno.

Here’s a better way to do lateral raises. Get your shoulder into an externally rotated position to start.

That means doing the opposite- actually turning your thumbs up. From there you want to lean forward slightly. A little above 45 degrees. Then raise the bells up. Now you’re hitting the side delts, while keeping your shoulders in a much safer plane.

Safer training is smarter training.

Get all the gains, and avoid the aches and pains:

Jay Ferruggia