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Nutrition for building muscle and losing fat.

The Results of my 30 Day Gut Healing Experiment

I’d been dealing with gut and digestion issues for too long and finally had to put a stop to it. If it wasn’t the gas and bloating it was the weakened immune system or the inability to eat many of my favorite foods. I literally could not eat more than a small sweet potato without […]

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8 Random Thoughts About Traveling

Last Monday I woke up with the burning desire to get out of town. I opened up a US map and We’d never been to New Orleans so Jen and I decided that was our destination. My buddy scooped us at the airport on Wednesday afternoon and gave us a tour of the city […]

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Do You Need Carbs Pre & Post Workout?

Guest Post by Nate Miyaki, Author of Feast Your Fat Away Here’s the thing about gaining muscle in general. Anabolic activity takes time.  Protein synthesis is elevated for 48 hours post-workout.  So building up a gun show worthy of selling tickets to is not just about a 3-hour eating window or whatever, its about what […]

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5 Reasons You Should Eat Some Carbs On Rest Days

Guest Post by Nate Miyaki, Author of Feast Your Fat Away About a year ago, I was hanging out with a colleague and friend of mine.  We were downtown around lunchtime. In between intermittent deep thoughts about important nutrition topics, we were trying to look down the shirts and up the skirts of some fine […]

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The Young & The Testless

A lot of young guys have low testosterone levels these days. It’s something you should be worried about. Especially if you like having some muscle on you, being lean and getting laid. If the Macho Man, Randy Savage were still alive, he’d be hella pissed off at the whole scene and would have a double […]

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The Real Truth About Fish

Guest Post by the creator of the Truth About Fat Burning Foods, Nick “The Nutrition Nerd” Pineault Fish has been getting a pretty bad rap in the last few years – especially after what happened in Fukushima in 2011. For those who have been living under a rock, a tsunami has caused nuclear meltdowns at […]

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