How To Build A Bigger Chest

Biggest Lesson from 2020, My Best Biz Decision Ever, and How to Stay Consistent in the Gym – Episode 372

You guys kept asking for more of them, so this week we have another listener Q&A packed full of great info.  I hope you get a ton out of it. And if you have any follow up questions or anything you want me to answer on a future episode please email and we’ll do our best to get to them all.  Thanks! Scroll Down for Show Notes: Click here to subscribe via iTunesClick here to listen… continue reading.

The #1 Limiting Factor in Your Training, Do you Need to Squat & Deadlift, IIFYM or Keto, Balancing Fitness & Life – Episode 287

Another solo Q&A episode coming at you this week. Pay extra special attention to what I’m spittin in the first and last answer. There’s a few tidbits in there that could make a huge difference in your training, your results, your recovery, and your overall enjoyment of life. Keep sending the awesome questions my way and I’ll keep answering. Thanks. Scroll down for show notes: Click here to subscribe via iTunes Click here to listen on SoundCloud Click here to subscribe via Stitcher Right-click here… continue reading.

Do This for Chest Training

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite show muscle today; the pecs. You can’t train them like every other muscle group. The reason being that they’re made up of predominantly fast twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers have the greatest potential for growth, but also fatigue quickly. They respond best to lower duration sets with heavy weights. They thrive on explosive contractions.  They can’t handle as much volume and need more rest. They’re “performance muscles.” Not every muscle group is like that. Some are slow twitch, meaning you train them… continue reading.