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9 Quick Tips For Bigger Arms

1) Include a lot of close grip chin ups and dips in your workout program. 2) Never go ultra heavy on curls or direct triceps work unless you want screwed up elbows. 3) If you already have tricky elbows I’d recommend some neoprene elbow sleeves when training arms directly. 4) Get a massive pump. That’s more important than moving big weight when it comes to direct arm training. 5) Let your bench and overhead presses take care of the heavy loading for triceps. Then pump on pushdowns and extensions for higher reps with low rest periods. 6) Consider training biceps… continue reading.

What it Takes to Train at Renegade Gym

Question: Jason, I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your stuff since 2003 and am a huge fan of your work. I am thinking about opening a small, hardcore gym like yours and had a quick question for you. Would you mind sharing with me what kind of application form you use and how you determine who gets to train at Renegade Gym? From what I understand you don’t just accept anybody off the streets, correct? Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work. Andy Answer:… continue reading.

Eliminate The Useless Crap

You’re busy and have little time to spend researching how you should be training and eating. So let me make it super simple for you. First, let’s cover your workouts. You’re going to strength train three days per week and you’re going to get in and out of the gym in 45-60 minutes. This helps to keep your testosterone levels high and allows you to maintain maximum focus throughout. You’re always going to choose big, compound exercises for each body part. Starting from the top down you will do the following movements: Traps- Deadlift, high pull, clean, farmers… continue reading.

Top 5 Muscle Building & Fat Loss Tips

I was interviewed for a big name fitness magazine recently and they asked for my top five muscle building and fat loss tips. This is, of course, very hard to narrow down and come up with just five. But I did my best and here’s what I told them… Train Like an Athlete Just about everyone I know wants to look like Reggie Bush, Nate Marquardt or even Dwight Howard. So why train like Ronnie Coleman or Flex Wheeler? Train like the guys you want to emulate. When you train like an athlete you always end up looking significantly better. continue reading.

How to Build Muscle with High Rep Leg Training

Question: If someone’s trying to build muscle, is there any benefit to including sets of 50-100 reps, either with lighter weights as a “burnout” set, or with moderately-heavier weights done to failure and then continued in a rest-pause fashion? Answer: For beginners, absolutely not. I actually do the opposite of what a lot of people recommend with beginners who are trying to build muscle; I keep their reps low, not high. Until they master the skill of a complicated exercise like a squat or deadlift I would never risk exposing them… continue reading.

5 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Today we have a great guest post from one of the top fat loss experts in the world, John Alvino. 5 Ways to Burn Fat Fast 1) Don’t decrease calories by more than 15% below your maintenance levels. This is one of the keys to maintaining all of your muscle mass during a fat loss phase. If you have a time constraint (weigh in for sport, wet t-shirt contest, etc), you may have to decrease your calories further than 15%. In these rare cases, you can decrease calories as low as 25% below maintenance, but… continue reading.

12 Simple Muscle Building Tips

Here’s a quick list of a dozen simple muscle building tips that you can start using immediately. 1)  Do Full Body Workouts as a Newbie As a newbie you need frequent exposure to strength training for two reasons. The first is that you will be too weak to do any kind of damage that will demand longer recovery. The second is that you need to learn the lifts. When learning anything you want to do it more often than less. Three workouts per week consisting of a lower body compound movement, an upper body push and an upper body pull… continue reading.

When to do Conditioning For Fast Fat Loss

With summer rapidly approaching I’ve been getting lots of questions about which conditioning methods will help you lose fat fast and get in playing shape without compromising your size or strength, and exactly when should you do them. First of all, I recommend a strength training schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This leaves Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday for conditioning and/or playing. To start you should be training on a four way upper/lower split. This means that you have two upper body days and two lower body days. You train three days per week rotating through the… continue reading.

TRX Exercises

Today I’m going to show you a few cool exercises you can do with the TRX Straps. Everyone knows by now that I am a huge fan of heavy, traditional exercises like squats and deadlifts, but for years I have always preached the value of bodyweight exercises and moving your body through space. This elicits a higher level of neuromuscular activation than simply moving your limbs around a fixed object and helps you build muscle and develop strength faster. Most of my workouts include some kind of big heavy barbell or dumbbell lift for… continue reading.

Top 3 Exercises Per Implement

Barbell- Squat, Deadlift, Military press Dumbbell- 1 Arm Row, Flat Dumbbell Press, Dumbbell Military Press Bodyweight- Pistol Squat, Chin Up, Dip Kettlebell- Clean, Snatch, Swing Sandbag- Shouldering, Zercher Squat, Walking Lunge Keg- Clean, Overhead Press, Snatch Medicine Ball- Chest Pass, Soccer Throw, Rotational Throw Log- Clean, Clean and Press, Bench Press Suspension Straps- Pushups, Inverted Rows, Ab Fallouts Swiss Ball- Flat Dumbbell Presses, Flat to Incline Dumbbell Presses, Sledgehammer- Overhead Swing, Rotational Swing, Forearm Exercises Power Wheel- Handwalking, Alligator Pushup, Pike or Ab Roll Out Thick Ropes- Rows, Tug of War, Battling for Conditioning Fat… continue reading.

How to Build Bigger Arms

Guns, jacks, pipes, hooks, pythons… Whatever you call them, the fact remains that most guys want to know how to build bigger arms. While they are nowhere near as impressive, rarely seen and as intimidating as a big set of traps, you still don’t want to have and extra six inches of space in your shirt sleeves; that’s for sure. So the question is how do you go about building bigger arms? The answer is not as simple as you might assume. If it were easy, you would see tons of guys walking around with 18 inch… continue reading.

How to Improve on Chin Ups

Today we are going to discuss how to improve on chin ups. Chin ups are one of the best overall muscle and strength building exercises around. The problem is that many beginners can’t do a single rep and many intermediate trainees can not seem to progress on them no matter what they do. One very simple solution is to get a big rubber band and loop it around the bar to assist you, as shown in the accompanying video. Start with a strong enough band that allows you to do 5 reps. When… continue reading.

Can Certain Types of “Cardio” Actually Build Muscle?

Many people live in constant fear that too much cardio will cause them to lose muscular size and strength. Therefore they just decide to spend their lives fat, out of shape and unhealthy. They’d rather have one foot in the grave at all times than walk around any smaller or weaker. Growing up a skinny maggot I certainly understand this fear as it dominated many years of my life. These fears are not unfounded as too much cardio will, indeed, eat away muscle tissue and cause strength losses. But that’s traditional, steady state, outdated lame-o cardio done on a machine. continue reading.

Conditioning Guidelines

Question: I am a little confused about how to set up my conditioning workouts and what the guidelines and parameters should be. Could you help me out with that? Answer: Ok, when discussing conditioning the first thing that needs to be asked is what is your primary training goal at the moment? If it is to get huge and strong, then conditioning must be limited and can not interfere with your main workouts. If you… continue reading.

Can You Lose Fat & Gain Muscle Simultaneously?

It has often been said that you can’t lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. That statement is actually incorrect. Beginners can do it. Even guys who have been training for a long time who make drastic changes to their diet and their workout programs can do it. You can’t do it for extended periods of time, but it can be done. For example, if you are currently doing traditional steady state cardio, switch to sprints. Sprints have an anabolic effect and do not produce cortisol… continue reading.