How to Get a Great Physique With Only 30 Mins in the Gym – Episode 459

You don't need to spend 3 hours a day in the gym to have a great physique. In fact, you just need 30 mins. I've got you covered on how in today's Q&A. continue reading.

Do This for Chest Training

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite show muscle today; the pecs. You can’t train them like every other muscle group. The reason being that they’re made up of predominantly fast twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers have the greatest potential for growth, but also fatigue quickly. They respond best to lower duration sets with heavy weights. They thrive on explosive contractions.  They can’t handle as much volume and need more rest. They’re “performance muscles.” Not every muscle group is like that. Some are slow twitch, meaning you train them… continue reading.