Congrats to Our Latest Transformation Contest Winner

I’m fired up about this announcement, my friends! We have a winner… Some people can have their “lazy days” of summer but Renegades know it’s the time for getting shredded. And that’s exactly what the contestants in the RSC’s 2017 Summer Shred Contest did. All the participants made excellent progress but the incredible transformations by these three guys stood out from the rest. Jeff A kebrown 2 Saloia 82 Once we had the final three we asked YOU to help decide the winner. The votes poured in and your voice has been heard. One Renegade has climbed to the peak… continue reading.

Is Sugar F*cking Up Your Body?

  Most of us know sugar is bad. But just how bad is it, really? What are the negative effects we should be worried about? The unfortunate reality is that sugar contributes to chronic health problems like Alzheimer’s, fatty liver disease, and cancer. It can wreak havoc on gut health and your immune system. For more on this, I enlisted the help of sugar expert and the man who wrote the book on it, Dan DeFigio. In this episode we discuss: Sugar’s overall impact on your health The 4 types of sugar addicts Sugar and depression How to avoid gut… continue reading.

Faster Recovery, Anti-Aging, & How to Prevent Cancer – Eric Merola

Eric Merola is a documentary filmmaker. On today’s podcast we focus mainly on his films about curing cancer and the amazing life changing benefits of fetal stem cell therapy. I think you’ll find the discussion fascinating and frustrating at the same time, if not slightly angering.  That’s because a lot of it is about the lies being perpetrated by big pharma and the greed fueled corruption that keeps people sick. Topics include: The doctor who discovered a cure for cancer How the government tried to silence him Why donating to cancer research is a huge waste Why you should never… continue reading.