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Strength Conditioning

Renegade Strength & Conditioning Workshop Review

By David Claiborne As a strength coach, one thing that I always try to make sure I do is to learn from the best. That is why last month, I traveled (once again) up to New Jersey to learn from one of the guys who originally got me in this industry and I turn to frequently for information to help take my coaching, and my clients and athletes results up another notch. Sure, I could join his Inner Circle (I did), and just read his blog posts (I have been for 3+ years now), and say… continue reading.

Can You Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat?

Can you can gain muscle without getting fat? Anyone can eat a ton and lift heavy weights for a few months. The result is they will gain weight. That’s for sure. Unfortunately, in 99% of cases, more than half of it will be fat. That’s never  a good look. But by following a proper diet and adding in some type of high intensity conditioning work a few days per week you actually can build muscle without getting fat. Traditional medium intensity cardio methods will eat away too much muscle and should be avoided for this reason. Besides it’s… continue reading.