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Six Inches

Random Thoughts: July 2011

Die Hard Pearl Jam Fans- As I’ve mentioned numerous times before I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan. So naturally I went to see Eddie Vedder a few times on his recent tour. One thing that always irks me is when the hardcore fans who are standing during Rival sit down during Porch. They sit because they’re cooler than everyone else who only know the words to the radio hits. I get it. But the fact is that those are the songs that got you into the band in the first place. So get up off your ass and sing along… continue reading.

How to Build Bigger Arms

Guns, jacks, pipes, hooks, pythons… Whatever you call them, the fact remains that most guys want to know how to build bigger arms. While they are nowhere near as impressive, rarely seen and as intimidating as a big set of traps, you still don’t want to have and extra six inches of space in your shirt sleeves; that’s for sure. So the question is how do you go about building bigger arms? The answer is not as simple as you might assume. If it were easy, you would see tons of guys walking around with 18 inch… continue reading.