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How to Box Squat Properly

The box squat is a great tool for teaching people how to squat properly. A lot of people can’t squat with passable form their first time out but just about everyone can box squat, as long as you set the box to an appropriate height. That means the point at which they can maintain a […]

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Essential Equipment for a New Gym

Today’s post is from a forum discussion in the Renegade Inner Circle. Question: Jay, I’m opening a new gym and I want to run group training out of it and set it up “Renegade style” as I have a lot of old clients and leads who are interested because I use to teach similar type […]

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Functional Hypertrophy- Fact vs. Fiction

functional hypertrophy

A lot of people, including myself, used to think that higher rep training developed what is known as non functional hypertrophy. This is also referred to as sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. In simple terms the sarcoplasm has been described as a filler type gooey fluid inside the muscles that really doesn’t contract or produce force. Therefore it’s […]

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Kelly Bagget on Quickness & Becoming a Better Athlete

I’m really psyched today to have an awesome interview with my colleague, and performance enhancement expert,  Kelly Bagget (that’s him dunking to the left). Whenever I read any of Kelly’s work I always find myself nodding in agreement and am sometimes shocked by how much we agree on almost every subject training related. Today Kelly’s […]

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3 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

To build muscle fast you need to present the body with a stimulus that it isn’t used to. This stress will cause the body to adapt by building itself up bigger and stronger. Where most people go wrong is that they think they need to annihilate the muscle in order to elicit any type of […]

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How to Run Faster and Jump Higher

Here’s an interview I did with my buddy Craig Ballantyne  that many of you may have missed the first time around: CB: What do athletes need to work on most? JF: Most athletes are too weak. I don’t care what sport they play or at what level they are playing at, most athletes, in general, […]

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