Recommended Resources

Here’s a list of stuff I use personally that is guaranteed to make you and your life exponentially more awesome.

Fitness Equipment Companies

Rogue Fitness- One stop shop for everything you need.
Onnit- Gorilla faced kettlebells. Need I say more?
Resistance Bands- Use coupon code jayband15 for 15% off.


Alpha Brain- Get focused.
Shroom Tech Sport- Pre workout.
New Mood- Better sleep, better mood.
Hemp Force- Non dairy protein.
ProX10 Probiotic- Heal your gut.
AbsorbMax- Improve your digestion.
*Use coupon code Renegade for 10-20% off all supplements above.
Athletic Greens- #1 mixed green supplement. In the UK?  Click HERE.
Omega 3’s- Reduce inflammation.
Sun Warrior- Raw brown rice protein.

Food Suppliers

Renegade Roasting Co- Best coffee on the planet.
Grassland Beef
- Grass fed, drug free meats.
YouBars- Use coupon code Renegade for 5% off.

Nutrition & Recipe Guides

The Renegade Diet- Look great, feel incredible.
Paleo Recipe Book- Over 370 easy Paleo recipes.
Anabolic Cooking- Tons of muscle building meals.
Metabolic Cooking- Eat clean, get lean.

Workout Programs

Renegade Strength Club- Get all my workouts here.
Bikini Body Workouts- 60 day transformation system.
Complete Olympic Lifting- How to master the Olympic lifts.
Yoga For Athletes- Fix your shit.


The Jay Ferruggia Show Podcast- Some loudmouth from Jersey.

Holosync Meditation CD’s- These changed my life.

Nightwave Sleep Assistant- Get more sleep.

Lunch Bots- High quality stainless steel containers.

Unconventional Guides- Live the life you want.

Standing Desks – Save your spine

Business Building Tools

The Fitness Business Mix Tape- How to run a highly profitable gym biz.
Done-For-You Bootcamp System- Sit back and make cash.
Aweber – The best email service to grow your biz.
Legal Zoom- All the legal stuff you need to run your biz.
Honest E Online- Let customers know you’re legit. Like Hammer.


Food, Inc.
Sugar, the Bitter Truth
King Corn
Fat Head


MyFitnessPal- Track your calories.
Awesome Note- Schedules, reminders, notes, all that stuff.
Mint- The ultimate tool for managing your finances.
Self Control- Block distractions. Get shit done.

Click HERE for some of my favorite books.