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Here’s a list of stuff I use personally that will help you build your body, your brain and your business.

General Health Supplements

Athletic Greens- If you could only take one supplement this would be it. Get up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one packet. In the UK?  Click HERE.
Pro X-10 – Most health issues start in the gut. Heal your gut with these.
AbsorbMAX – Improve your digestion for better gains and performance.
Omega 3’s- Reduce inflammation and decrease bodyfat.
New Mood*- Better sleep, better mood.

Performance Enhancers

Renegade Roasting Co- The best tasting, highest quality coffee available anywhere. Every bag purchased provides one person with clean water for two years.
Alpha Brain*- To help you get hyper-focused and increase productivity.
Shroom Tech Sport*- Non stimulant pre workout supplement that improves oxygen utilization.
BCAA- For those who train 1st thing in AM.

Protein Powders

Hemp Force*- Delicious, non dairy protein powder.
Sun Warrior- Raw brown rice protein.
*Use coupon code Renegade for 10% off all supplements above with an asterisk.

Workout Programs

Renegade Strength Club- Get all my muscle building, fat shredding workouts here.
Bikini Body Workouts- 60 day transformation system for the ladies.
Yoga Tune Up Quick Fix & Stretch Videos- Great way to keep your body limber and healthy.

Nutrition & Recipe Guides

The Renegade Diet- Simple to follow, lifestyle-friendly nutrition plan that will help you look great, feel incredible.
Anabolic Cooking- Tons of muscle building meals.
Metabolic Cooking- Eat clean, get lean.

Fitness Equipment

Rings- The #1 implement for upper body training.
Sleds- The #1 implement for lower body training.
Primal Bells- The coolest, most badass kettlebells ever.
Wooden Indian Clubs- Improve your shoulder mobility, old school style.
Mace Bells- Get medieval on their asses.
Resistance Bands- Use coupon code jayband15 for 15% off.
Mobility Products- Heal yourself and stay healthy.
Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls- The best tools for working out all the knots in your muscles.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

Renegade Clothing- Look the part to dominate your workouts.
Holosync Meditation CD’s- I’ve used these for over seven years now and swear by them. My ability to focus, relax and deal with stress has increased ten fold since I began Holosync.
Nightwave Sleep Assistant- Get more sleep.
Lunch Bots- High quality stainless steel containers.
Standing Desks – Sitting is the new smoking. And it equals death. Save your spine and stand while you work.

Business Building Tools

Thesis WordPress Themes- Make your site look great without breaking the bank.
Optimize Press- Easily create money making sales pages.
WP Engine Web Hosting- For hosting your WordPress site.
Legal Zoom- All the legal stuff you need to run your biz.
Honest E Online- Let customers know you’re legit. Like Hammer.
Clickbank – #1 Payment processor and affiliate network for those selling digital products.
99Designs – Custom logo, website and graphic design for a reasonable price.

Click HERE for some of my favorite books.