Recommended Resources

Here’s a list of cool stuff I use personally that will help enhance your awesomeness.


Athletic GreensIf you could only take one supplement this would be it. Get up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one packet.
BioOptimizers*– Crank your anabolic drive to new heights.
Alpha Brain*- To help you get hyper-focused and increase productivity.
Doc Parley’s Sleep Remedy– One of the best cures out there for insomnia.
*Use coupon code Renegade for 10% off all supplements above with an asterisk.

Diet & Recipe Guides

The Half Day Diet– Burn fat while eating lots of carbs.
Metabolic Cooking– Quick and easy fat burning recipes.
Anabolic Cooking– Say goodbye to boring and bland bodybuilding diets.
ButcherBox– 100% grass-fed beef and healthy meat

Fitness Equipment

Rings– The #1 implement for bodyweight training.
Sleds– Essential for lower body training.
Primal Bells– The coolest, most badass kettlebells ever.
Resistance Bands– To help you get better at chins, dips, and advanced bodyweight moves.
Fat Gripz– Build bigger arms and forearms with less elbow pain.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

AudioBooks– One of the best ways to listen, learn and improve your life.
Renegade Gear– You’ll be “stylin-n-“profilin like the Nature Boy, Ric Flair in these fly threads.
Holosync Meditation CD’s– I’ve used these for over seven years now and swear by them. My ability to focus, relax and deal with stress has increased ten fold since I began Holosync.
Thrive Market– Save 25-50% on healthy groceries delivered right to your door.
Renegade Roasting Co– The best tasting, highest quality coffee available anywhere. Every bag purchased provides one person with clean water for two years.
US Wellness Meats– The highest quality meats, jerky, snacks and more.
Lunch Bots– High quality stainless steel containers.