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Here’s a list of stuff I use personally that will help you build more muscle, make more money, and kick more ass. If it’s not in my house, on my computer or at use in my business you will NEVER find it here. I only promote awesome shit that I actually use.

Fitness Equipment

Rings- The #1 implement for upper body training.
Sleds- The #1 implement for lower body training.
Kettlebells- High quality, low price.
Jump Ropes- Be like Ali.
Medicine Balls- That won’t break.
Resistance Bands- Use coupon code jayband15 for 15% off.
Mobility Products- Heal yourself and stay healthy.


Alpha Brain- Get focused.
Shroom Tech Sport- Pre workout.
New Mood- Better sleep, better mood.
Hemp Force- Non dairy protein.
*Use coupon code Renegade for 10-20% off all supplements above.
P3OM Probiotics- Heal your gut.
MassZymes Enzymes- Improve your digestion.
Athletic Greens- #1 mixed green supplement. In the UK?  Click HERE.
Omega 3’s- Reduce inflammation.
Sun Warrior- Raw brown rice protein.
BCAA- For those who train 1st thing in AM.

Food Suppliers

Renegade Roasting Co- Best coffee on the planet.
Grassland Beef
- Grass fed, drug free meats.
YouBars- Use coupon code Renegade for 5% off.

Nutrition & Recipe Guides

The Renegade Diet- Look great, feel incredible.
Anabolic Cooking- Tons of muscle building meals.
Metabolic Cooking- Eat clean, get lean.

Workout Programs

Renegade Strength Club- Get all my workouts here.
Bikini Body Workouts- 60 day transformation system.
Complete Olympic Lifting- How to master the Olympic lifts.
Yoga For Athletes- Fix your shit.

Business Building Tools

Thesis WordPress Themes- Make your site look great.
Optimize Press- Easily create money making sales pages.
WP Engine Web Hosting- For hosting your WordPress site.
Legal Zoom- All the legal stuff you need to run your biz.
Honest E Online- Let customers know you’re legit. Like Hammer.
The Fitness Business Mix Tape- How to run a highly profitable gym biz.
Clickbank – #1 Payment processor and affiliate network for information marketers
99Designs – Custom logo, website and graphic design
E-Junkie – Protection for your digital product downloads and shopping cart services
WP Curve – Unlimited WordPress support for small jobs, 24/7
Music Radio Creative – Custom DJ drops, radio imaging, podcast jingles and business audios


Holosync Meditation CD’s- Get your mind right.
Nightwave Sleep Assistant- Get more sleep.
Lunch Bots- High quality stainless steel containers.
Standing Desks – Save your spine.


MyFitnessPal- Track your calories.
Awesome Note- Schedules, reminders, notes, all that stuff.
Mint- The ultimate tool for managing your finances.
Self Control- Block distractions. Get shit done.

Click HERE for some of my favorite books.