Who Else Wants to Break The Shackles of Mediocrity and Start Living Differently? Are You Ready For a Brand New, Badass You in 2019?

The Renegade Brotherhood is an Exclusive, High-Level Group for Men Who Think Differently, Rebel Against the Status Quo, and Want to Become Their Strongest, Most Confident Self

As a member of the Renegade Brotherhood you’ll get the coaching, resources, accountability, and connections you need to dominate every area of your life and live as your strongest self.  You’ll also go on an epic, one-of-a-kind adventures where you’ll develop life-long bonds with other like-minded brothers.

Being a Member is, Quite Simply, The Fastest Way to Achieve Everything You Want in Life- Health, Wealth, and Amazing Relationships

Dear Renegade Brotherhood Applicant,

If you’re struggling with something I can probably relate, and I’m 100% sure I can help.

I’m Jay Ferruggia, and helping others is what I love to do.

I believe that anyone can have everything they want if they just have the right coaching and support system around them.

I’m talking about:

  • Being in great shape, no matter what age you are.
  • Having an unbeatable mind and unshakable self-confidence.
  • Being looked at as a charismatic, powerful, leader.
  • Having amazing relationships and life full of adventure.
  • Making the kind of money that allows you to live life on your own terms and contribute to meaningful causes.

That’s why I created this exclusive group.

So that you can “time collapse,” and drastically accelerate your growth in all of these areas.

Instead of spending years chasing certain goals, you’ll be able to use the power of the group to achieve everything you ever wanted at 3 times the normal speed.

I’ve been coaching professionally since 1994. I spend most of my days consulting and connecting.

Having trouble getting in shape and sticking to the program?

I can help. I’m an OG of the fitness industry and helped popularize the styles of training and gyms you see so much of today.

I walk around with visible abs at 44 years old and have helped countless others do the same.

Struggling with insecurity or low self-esteem?

Been there and done that for more than half my life. It held me back in countless ways. So I dedicated thousands of hours and dollars to eradicating that weakness from my life. Helping others do the same is something I specialize in.

Would you like to get better at communicating with others?

Improve your social/people skills?

Be able to build amazing relationships?

I was in the same boat for years. I sucked at those things. I couldn’t communicate with anyone and had hardly any true friends. I sat at home alone on most weekends during my teens and twenties.

Now, when I throw a party at my house it’s packed with pro athletes, celebrities, and millionaires. My life is filled with incredible people.

So, obviously,  I figured out how to do a complete 180 in that department. I can help you do the same.

This sole topic was what the Los Angeles Dodgers hired me to work on with all of their players and coaches for an entire week.

Do you need connections to help you get where you want in life or business?

I know a lot of cool, brilliant, amazing, inspiring, successful people from all walks of life.

So if I don’t have the answers or I can’t help you directly I can make an introduction or connection.

I can get you on an email or phone call or in a room with someone you might not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with.

As a member of the Renegade Brotherhood, you get access not only to me and all of the other members…

You get access to my Rolodex, my coaches, my mentors, and my friends.

They will be guest speakers and/or just a quick text message away.

So we’ve got your covered in all areas you want to succeed in.

Not only will I connect you, but I’ll help you become the SuperConnector in your own life like I have become in mine.

As a member of the Renegade Brotherhood, you’ll have the rare opportunity to:

  • Be personally coached and mentored by me.
  • Take 4 epic 3-day trips with me to locations like Miami, Southern California, Seattle, Moab, and more.
  • Enjoy amazing adventures, physical challenges, live concerts, and sporting events, and much more.
  • Get in some badass workouts together, hike epic trails, do some water sports, and other cool surprises.
  • Make great connections and lifelong friendships with guys who inspire you to become better.
  • Get in your best shape ever.
  • Exponentially increase your income
  • Dramatically improve your self-confidence and communication skills
  • Strengthen all of your relationships.
  • Have the greatest year of your life.

You Don’t Have to Waste Years of Your Life or Spend $500k Like I Did

I’ve been through a lot of struggles. I’ve had my share of challenges and hardships. And I’ve come out stronger because of it.

After many years of battling with anger, depression, insecurity, addiction, debt, and low self-esteem… I finally figured out how to live my dream life filled with relentless passion and energy.

But it wasn’t easy. I spent years reading over 500 books, attending countless workshops, joining mastermind groups, and working with coaches.

You don’t have to do all that. I can shortcut the entire process for you.

You’ll see dramatic changes in months, instead of years.

I’ve never been the smartest, most athletic or most talented guy. I’ve always had to fight for everything.

But somewhere along the way, I discovered my own superpower.

I understand human nature and can relate to people and help them overcome obstacles as well as anyone on the planet.

And I’m passionate as hell about doing it every damn day.

“Jay is the most enthusiastic person about life that I know.”
– Mary “The Paleo Chef” Shenouda

I want you to have a strong body, strong mind, strong business, strong relationships, and a strong life.

Together we can make this your best year ever.

Here’s What You Get as a Member of The Renegade Brotherhood

  • Private, one-on-one coaching calls with me where I will help you get clear on your mission and tell you EXACTLY what to do to dominate.
  • One group video coaching call per week where you’ll get the feedback you need to succeed.
  • Private Facebook group for daily and weekly accountability to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.
  • Four 3-day live meet-ups facilitated by Jay Ferruggia in SoCal, Vegas, Miami, Seattle, etc. These trips will be EPIC.
  • Round tables, hot seats, lifestyle/fitness/mindset/business coaching, evaluations, adventures, physical challenges, games, workouts, nights out, dinners, FUN, “guy time” with other like-minded Renegades.
  • Meetings will have bonus guests and other experts such as my own coaches and mentors, celebrities, and other cool people you might not otherwise have access to.
  • Access to bonus workshops, meetings, and events hosted by Jay Ferruggia.
  • Access to Jay’s private Rolodex for connections you need to improve various aspects of your life and business.
  • Emergency access to Jay for feedback, opinions, and whatever else you need.
  • Surprise bonuses.

But don’t get it twisted. I’m not going to try to impress you or throw a million things at you. Usually, it’s more about what we need to remove from your life. After we do that we’ll identify the vital few things you should be focusing on.

That 80/20 focus will change every aspect of your life.

However, please be clear that this is NOT a business only mastermind group where all we do is sit around a conference room and talk about strategies.

This is an experience.

This is about your physical and mental strength.

This is about getting out of your comfort zone.

This is about relationships.

This is about becoming the person you always wanted to be.

It’s so much more than just fitness or business. It’s life.

Our Members Get Results

Such as:

  • Losing 30-50lbs of fat.
  • Building a ripped, powerful body that commands attention.
  • Increasing their income by 50% (some members have grown their business by 5x!)
  • Overcoming anxiety and social awkwardness.
  • Becoming charismatic, masterful communicators.
  • Turning broken marriages into those full of passion, sex, and fulfillment.

And so much more.

But, of equal importance is the true, lifelong friendships that they form.

Listen to a Few of Our Succes Stories:

Daniel McCaffrey
Lisburn, North Ireland

Mike Peshler
Northbridge, Massachusetts

Francisco Lara
Lisburn, North Ireland

Brian Pannuzzo
Cresskill, New Jersey

Chris Bartl
Goleta, California

Kenneth Camacho
Covina, California

Dennis Heenan
Portland, Oregon

John Madonia
Wyckoff, New Jersey

Chris Lopez
Coach, Business Owner
Costa Rica

Christian Bylsma
Fitness Professional
Perth, Australia

Justin Hancock
Boulder, Colorado

Chris Yozwiak
Allentown, Pennsylvania

“What do you do when you don’t have a tribe of guys to hold you accountable for taking action in the areas of your life that need the most attention? How do you break through old habits and limiting beliefs when you’re not surrounded by critical thinkers and high performers?

For me it all started by joining the Renegade Brotherhood. In one year’s time, I launched my own business, reached new physical fitness goals, and met some life long friends in the process. Since then I’ve become more connected, less stressed and light-years more productive.

You can let another year go by feeling burned out and frustrated you’re not seeing results despite all the grinding. Or you can be smart and invest in the right coaches and support system to help fast track you towards achieving your goals.” 
Andrew Vaught

Owner, Stay Roasted Coffee

“If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I ever thought I would be part of a mastermind group or any sort of life coaching I would have probably laughed and said there is no way.  I couldn’t have been more wrong in my thinking.

The Renegade Mastermind Group completely changed the way I look at life – my views on business, relationships and myself all changed.  Prior to joining the group, I thought things were great but being a part of his mastermind group opened my eyes to see how much more is out there.  As I look back to who I was a couple of years ago I barely recognize that individual.  The old me was content with how things were, never getting out of my comfort zone and just accepting certain things as status quo.  As I have evolved on a personal level, it is not just a coincidence my business has thrived and more importantly my relationships are infinitely better than they were just a few years ago. 

Jay has taught me you can build a successful business and still make time for what is important in life – family and friends. 

I could go on and on about the benefits of a group like this but it is hard to describe what it is like to be a part of like-minded individuals all holding each other accountable unless you actually experience it.  One of the biggest takeaways I have is that a group like Jay’s can be a catalyst to so much more.  It is almost like a snowball effect where things keep building upon each other.  One contact leads to the next and that experience leads to the next experience and you soon realize the possibilities are endless! 

Now that I am in my early 40’s, I realize I have come a long ways but there is so much further to go and it is so much easier to do when surrounded by the right people.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for both what Jay and his mastermind group have done for me.”

Scott Volquartsen

Owner, Volquartsen Firearms

An epic night out on Sunset Blvd. with the Renegade Mastermind family.

“Before I started reading, watching, and listening to what Jason Ferruggia was all about, I was lost. I was a fake ass trainer training anyone and everyone, I was kinda outta shape, and I was a grad student, pursuing an advanced degree for something I never wanted to do in life which was work for the pharmaceutical corporations. 

Meeting Jay changed my life. I realized that I could be myself, follow my true passions, and stop drifting along with no real goals for myself.  

I admit, I was lost in the drift. Waffling through with no passion or vigor for life.

Jay helped me realize that I am whole, I am of worth, and my dreams were worth pursuing. With a ton of mentoring and with the help of my follow renegades during the mastermind meet ups, I now live the life I was destined to live

I am a husband, a son, a father, a brother, and a real friend who has real relationships.  I personal train The Who’s who of the Bay Area and have increased my income by more than $200k per year. I love my life more than I could ever imagine. And I owe it to Jays mentorship program. 

Thanks Jay. I love you brotha.”

Francisco Lara

Fitness Professional, Menlo Park, CA

“A Mastermind group is essential if you have any interest in improving yourself and your business/career. The Renegade Mastermind will provide you an opportunity to learn from an expert and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Being part of Jay Ferruggia’s original Mastermind group afforded me the following:

Business advice (real-world and applicable)
• Personal development/growth
• Interpersonal skills
• Communication skills
• Connections to various experts in a host of different fields
• Fitness and training advice

Jay is a fun, genuine and inspiring individual. Being around him, you quickly realise that he lives to improve himself and others. Jay is very open about his journey and what he has gone through over the years. His insight into fitness, building relationships and personal development are second to none. I genuinely took a lot away from his examples of how he evolved, from both a personal and business standpoint.

As part of Jay’s Mastermind group, we spent several weekends together as a group. These were undoubtedly some of my greatest life experiences. I made some exceptional friends and got to be around many other people that inspire you to better yourself. Highlights from the weekends include:

Gym workouts together
• Hiking and running amazing trails
• Private boat rentals
• Inspiring guest speakers
• Group talks and advice sessions
• Improv games and challenges
• Amazing meals together
• Nights out (from Comedy Clubs to a private box at a Lakers game)

The other important component to a Mastermind group is the accountability it affords. Communicating regularly with Jay and the other members is a priceless resource. It provides a steady-flow of stimulation, inspiration and accountability.

Jay is a tremendous mentor and creates a close bond within his group.

If you want to experience amazing personal growth, I highly recommend this Mastermind.”
Josh McManus

Fitness Professional, Perth, Australia

“Previous to joining the Renegade mentorship program, I was an introverted, fearful, and unconfident man. In hindsight, I THOUGHT I had these attributes, but Jay’s coaching revealed I was lying to myself. After working with Jay, I’ve gained the tools to master my emotions. I now have deep connection with friends and family.

My career is also thriving. I developed an e-commerce business selling branded items online. My income raised above 100k+ for the first time in my life. 30K of debt is gone and we are almost 100% debt free. In 2017, I married my dream girl and am truly grateful.

I had accomplished none of these goals before joining Jay’s Mastermind. He has this keen ability to know exactly what is holding you back, what your obstacles are, and what you need to do to break through them. Jay will support you in becoming the man you were created to be. But, I can attest, it won’t be easy. He won’t bullshit you. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone. You will get to face your fears. Your innermost self will be revealed. Jay will help you find the true Vision for your life. But ONLY if you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that Vision a reality. I urge you to sign up for the Renegade mentorship program today!”

– Andrew Gerbers

Indianapolis, IN


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“When I saw that Jay Ferruggia was starting a ‘Mastermind Group,’ I jumped at the opportunity. I was searching for direction in my life. I lacked confidence in my abilities and was buried in student loans.

The first day of our mastermind meetup was one of the greatest phenomenon’s I’ve ever witnessed. By noon, we all had laughed, cried, and shared personal stories that we had never told anyone else before. Within mere hours, I had a new support group who felt like lifelong friends.

The results of Jay’s coaching have been incredible. Today, I am more successful and am happier than I ever could have dreamt of, in large part due to the lessons that Jay taught me. On top of that, I have more confidence now than ever before and managed to pay off all my student loans within two years. 

If there is one thing you could take away from my testimony it is this: JAY IS MUCH MORE THAN A FITNESS AND LIFE COACH. HE IS A SUCCESS COACH. The lessons that he will teach you can be applied across all aspects of your life. I highly recommend Jay’s coaching program to anyone looking to take their life to the next level. Thanks for everything, Jay.”
Tim Stewart
Indianapolis, Indiana

Having a blast at another epic Renegade meet up in Austin, TX.


Membership Criteria:

  • This is for men, only. Preferably over 30, though we have made exceptions in the past.
  • People tend to like people who are like them. Those people work better together. Thus, I only want to work with guys who I really like and who are like me. This will make it exponentially better for you, your results, the rest of the group, and the impact we can all make on the world.
  • You will get the most out of this if you a hard charging, risk taking, status quo defying, rebellious, relentless Renegade. Or at least have the desire to become one.
  • A love of great music, food and comedy is a huge plus.
  • You must be a serious action taker who is willing to push yourself to achieve excellence.
  • You must be a team player and be wiling to help the other members reach their highest potential.
  • You must care about the world and be passionate about causes and social issues. I want us all to make a major impact this year by giving back and building something bigger than just a fancy house.
  • Be willing to share during the meetings about your successes, victories, frustrations, failures and challenges.
  • Attend at least two of the four yearly adventures.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information discussed at the Renegade Brotherhood meetings.
  • Twelve-month commitment.
  • Must apply and qualify.

Click HERE to Apply For Membership.

Only 10% of applicants are accepted.